Follow us to discover the chapel of the Black Penitents, a jewel of Villefranche heritage! A visit with booklet for a family moment in all simplicity.

One Thursday morning in May, I had the chance to discover the chapel of the Pénitents Noirs with my 6 year old little boy. We had a wonderful time, both fun and educational.

After enjoying the beautiful and big market of Villefranche, we went to the Chapel of the Black Penitents, on the upper part of the bastide. Arriving in front of the building, the caretaker, Michèle, welcomed us with unparalleled kindness! She explained to us how the visit was going by giving us an explanatory leaflet and a playbook for children. With a pencil, a tube of glue and a pair of scissors, my little wolf went on an adventure, delighted!

A magical place

We started the visit by going up to the grandstand by a beautiful wooden staircase. Arriving at the top of the stairs, what was our surprise in the face of so much wealth! The chapel is a real gem with a vault painted in bright colors, a golden altarpiece to the leaf as well as large paintings framed with plasterwork. Don't be fooled by the sobriety of its facade, the interior is a true masterpiece. Valentino was amazed by this decor and we took lots of pictures there! And a little bonus for the baroque music that accompanies us throughout the visit, it allows us to dive right into the XNUMXth century.

perfectly targeted

After having cast a small glance in the sacristy, we entered the heart of the chapel. Installed on chairs, we read the heritage explanations and Valentino immersed himself in his game booklet. The missions consisted of reconstructing the puzzle in the vault, finding objects hidden in the large paintings… Even at 6 years old, the minimum age recommended for the game, he was attentive to the decor and exclaimed at each find! He was thus able to discover the building without having to delve into the rather complex history of the place and we had a pleasant time together! His sense of observation enabled him to see that certain angels in the vault had female bodies… A rare detail that we absolutely would not have detected on our own!

An exceptional welcome

And we cannot mention the chapel of the Pénitents Noirs without omitting Michèle! As she has told us many times, this is her “second home” and what a home! Her smile, her human warmth and her professionalism delighted us. He is a perfect ambassador for the city and the territory. She sharpened our curiosity and encouraged us to discover the country house, Chartreuse Saint-Sauveur, Najac et Villeneuve d'Aveyron. We chose to visit the Charterhouse, a monument in which other family visit materials await us.


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