Family holidays in Aveyron = activity in the heart of nature. Today, it's fishing animation for children! I tell you...

This fishing activity is organized by the Aveyron Fishing Federation and hosted by Julien Lagarrigue, professional fishing guide instructor. This enthusiast also offers initiation and improvement guides for adolescents and adults with his company. The O on the fly.

Useful information

  • Necessary material : a water bottle and a cap, the equipment and the fishing license are provided!
  • Age requirement: from 8 to 18 years old (between 5 and 8 years old, the child must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Capacity: 4 participants minimum and 12 participants maximum
  • Duration: 2 p.m.
  • Price: 12 € per child
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Fishing activities for children

Beginning of the fishing activity: time for presentations!

Arrived at Saubayre lake located in La Fouillade, in Aveyron, we discover a peaceful place among the trees...

Julien and Mélanie, our fishing guides, await us in the shade of the lime trees. In a few words, they describe their job to us before letting the children introduce themselves. In turn, each of the 8 participants introduces himself. For Théodore, 8 years old, it's a first initiation to fishing while Noé, 10, is already the group's expert. There is also Lucas, who, from the height of his 5 years, has already fished in the open sea in Guadeloupe. The small group exchanges spontaneously under the watchful eye of a few parents and grandparents who appreciate this moment of sharing.

Then Julien and Mélanie introduce us to the local fish and their characteristics : minnow, bleak, gudgeon, carp, trout or even pike. The exchange is very interactive: we look for the differences between the roach and the rudd, we try to guess whether the fish eat more on the surface or on the bottom of the water, depending on the position of their mouth...

Do you know how many children it takes to feed an adult catfish? At least 8 a week!" Julien tells us jokingly.

Fishing: techniques and equipment

After a few reminders of the basic rules, including the obligation to bring a fishing card or fishing pass included in the animation, we move on to the presentation of the fishing techniques and equipment. Today, the children will learn about the coarse fishing. The principle: to bring the fish to us by creating a fishing stroke thanks to a bait which will attract the fish. Julien first introduces us to the fishing rod and the different elements that make it up: the float, the weights for balance and of course the hook which, according to Théodore, is also used to catch trees.

Then the children prepare the primer, a paste composed of corn and pieces of biscuits which will be put in the water to attract fish. In the form of a team race, they form the dough by bringing water into a bucket as quickly as possible: very fun!

After the demonstration, we move on to action!

Julien gives us a demonstration with his fishing rod, he shows children how to shoe… Another discovery! THE shoeing is the gesture which makes sure that the hook is well stuck in the mouth of the fish. This technical gesture requires some knowledge and a little practice to be effective.

Each child practices the different movements before going to their fishing post. After only a few minutes, Nathan catches his first fish. It's a small pole!

Julien, the guide, has an eye: “Tom, you have a touch! ". With Mélanie, they go from one child to another to help them get the holds. Little Lucas holds his first fish of the afternoon in his hands. "It tickles" he writes, jumping with joy.

After a good hour of practice, everyone will have caught at least one fish!
The animation ends with the observation of each catch: Théodore shows us his black perch, Oihan and Lucas keep them. Everyone is delighted!


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