Discover the heritage differently with the sensory visit of the chapel of the Black Penitents. Observe, feel, listen... Awaken your senses in this surprising monument in Villefranche de Rouergue.

fond of unusual discoveries, I decide to register with my brother for the sensory visit of the Chapel of the Black Penitents of Villefranche-de-Rouergue. Wishing to avoid the traditional commentary of a lecturer, I think it's the right compromise to learn while having fun.

After having a coffee on the charming Place Saint-Jacques, on the terrace of the Hotel des Fleurines, I join a small group of a dozen people chatting with Ludovic, our guide.

A surprising and captivating sensory visit

Briefly, Ludovic enlightens us on the concept of the visit and, with a big smile and a touch of humor, puts us perfectly at ease.

Contrary to what I thought, we don't go directly into the chapel. Ludovic puts us in the deep end with a facade observation game. I carefully contemplate every detail to memorize as many elements as possible!

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Sensory visit of the chapel of the Black Penitents

Then it's the eyes blinded as we enter the site, silent… Only a slight smell of incense is perceptible.

Deprived of sight, it is quite difficult to find one's way. Nevertheless, the little game proposed by Ludovic allows us to understand our environment a little better.

It is to the sound of sublime baroque music that we take off our blindfold and the magic happens. The building is sumptuous, entirely covered with decor. And discovering it in this way, what a slap!

Ludovic then challenges us to decipher certain musical instruments… Not so simple, but amusingly instructive.

The Chapel of the Black Penitents: a permanent enchantment

After that, Ludovic draws up a large sheet in the middle of the chapel and invites us to lie down on it. What a pleasure to contemplate this multicolored wooden vault, at our own pace and from a new angle. In this astonishing position, we become actors of the visit! Instead of giving us a traditional description of the decor, Ludovic invites us to share our points of view. This privileged moment when the world seems to revolve around this superb vault is incredible!

Sensory visit of the chapel of the Black Penitents

Then, on to careful observation. The chapel concealing details, Ludovic gives us each a small image and challenges us to find the element photographed in the chapel. Simple for some, difficult for others… The spirit of competition awakens!

Already an hour and a half of visit! Exceptional…

Good to know

This is not a traditional guided tour with the presentation of the historical context, the artists who worked on the site and the role of the brotherhood of Black Penitents. Nevertheless, it is a unique experience, during which every detail is important.


Sensory visit of the chapel of the Black Penitents

Boulevard Haute Guyenne
12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue
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Vault of the Chapel of the Black Penitents

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