Taste the Aveyron region! On the market, at the producers or in the restaurant, savor the local gastronomy. Salivate in front of a characterful cheese, let yourself be tempted by a beautiful terrine, crack on an enticing specialty.

The Rouergue is one of those countries filled with nature, which make you love life on this planet that we would like to make us more and more uninhabitable" said Curnonsky, gastronome, comedian and French food critic.

It is true that the “prince of gastronomes”, passing through Villefranche in 1937, had been able to taste the cuisine of Rouergue, a cuisine which is not meant to be learned, but simple and which owes a lot to the quality of local and natural products.

Local flavours, scents and pleasures

De the country inn Asked big hats, Aveyron is a permanent invitation to indulge and awaken the senses! In general, establishments offer excellent value for money, often exceptional…
Here is to whet your appetite a tour de table of Local specialties.

calf suckling from its mother

Tenderness of Aveyron veal

Aveyron veal, raised on the Segala plateau, embodies a long tradition of Aveyron breeding. Coming from prestigious breeds, this calf great butcher quality is breastfed by his mother and also receives a cereal-based diet. Identified from birth, it benefits from rigorous monitoring which guarantees pink flesh, tasty et tender, melting under the palate. This veal lends itself to many recipes: grilled, roasted, pan-fried, in sauce, fondue or on a spit. This Aveyron specialty is a true culinary treasure of the Gorges de l'Aveyron, reflecting the excellence of our local products. 

plate of Aveyron charcuterie

A craving for salted meats

Here the delicatessen is meant to be traditional.
Essentially based on cutting pork and duck, local cured meats offer you a panoply of local specialties. Savor products such as sausage, cured or smoked ham, large or pressed fritons, and astet, this flavored filet mignon lightly stuffed with parsley. These delights reflect authenticity Aveyron recipes, allowing you to rediscover the taste of the real thing and appreciate the culinary treasures of the Gorges de l'Aveyron. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by these unique flavors that our region is famous for. 

Mushroom fricassee

The undergrowth of Aveyron is full of treasures in autumn, offering a variety of mushrooms such as ceps delicately stuffed, chanterelles, coumellae, as well as, depending on the season, oyster mushrooms or trumpets of death. These local Aveyron products are perfect for enhancing your porcini mushroom omelettes, sauces and other “mushroom” accompaniments. Each mushroom, from our forests, enriches your kitchen with authentic flavors et Natural, making the Gorges de l'Aveyron an essential destination for lovers of organic gastronomy and Aveyron recipes. 

chanterelles mushrooms

Foie gras, confit and poultry:
local accents and ancient know-how

fruit of ancient know-how and peasant tradition force-feeding, foie gras can be festive or everyday. The “extras” are seasoned and cooked in a copper cauldron, the old-fashioned way, over a wood fire. The others will be used to stuff necks, gizzards or go into the composition of pâtés.

plate of poultry, Aveyron specialty
cheese plate

How can we talk about Aveyron without talking about cheese!

Aveyron gastronomy places the spotlight on dairy products, particularly cheeses. Aveyron is distinguished by a variety remarkable cheeses of character. The department benefits from five renowned AOC appellations: the famous Roquefort, followed by Causses blue ; The volume of Laguiole, essential for aligot; THE cabecous, small round cheeses available dry, fresh or creamy, often presented in a vine or chestnut leaf; finally, the sheep peril, booming in South Aveyron. 

different bottles of wine

Character beverages

Although few in number, Aveyron has a few vineyards which are no less worth the detour.

  • Besides the essential Marcillac ;
  • the wines of Mas Lafon in Martiel and St-Clair near Villefranche-de-Rouergue,
  • of Entraygues, Estaing, Le Fel, Conques
  • or the Millau ribs, more to the south,

testify to the rebirth of a vineyard that is sometimes thousands of years old and will be good table companions.
To begin or end your meals, you will also find many aperitif and digestive liqueurs produced locally but watch out for the thrills…thrills!

Sweets and pastry specialties

In Rouergue, a meal worthy of the name always ends in style with a tasty traditional pastry. These sweet treats, both generous and full of character, are a real feast for the taste buds. Discover the essentials of our region: the fouace, a sweet bread with unique flavors; there almond crunch, crunchy as can be; there oil pump, a delicate specialty on the palate; THE scalded with anise, perfect for a gourmet break; and of course, the renowned cake on the spit, symbol of our local culinary art. 

different Aveyron pastries

Other delicacies from the garnished basket

Aveyron specialty, aligot


Originally, aligot was a subsistence dish served in burons to pilgrims from Santiago de Compostela crossing the Massif Central on the Via Podiensis. Today, this Aveyron dish is appreciated every day and during festive evenings. Tasty blend of mashed potatoes and fresh tome, aligot requires careful work to obtain a perfect texture. This traditional Aubrac dish is more than just a meal: it symbolizes the friendliness et friendship.
It is said of the aligot that it is not only in the stomach, but also in sympathy. The aligot recipe, with its products producers, embodies the authenticity of Aveyron specialties. Prepared with milk and fresh tome, this aligot is a must-have on Aveyron tables, bringing warmth and happiness to every meal. 


Each terroir marks its difference through typical meals from local history.
Estofinade, a traditional dish from Aveyron, made with potatoes and stockfish (dried cod from Norway), tells the story of the river Lot which in the XNUMXth century welcomed Bordeaux boatmen who sailed up the river with this famous dried fish on board. We continue to eat this dish today, even across the borders of Aveyron. Almont-les-Junies remains the gastronomic capital.

Aveyron specialty estofinade


Produced, probably since the XNUMXth century by the bordering department of Lot, saffron represents the red gold of Quercy. Born from a mauve blue flower, harvested in October-November, it is by drying the stigmas of the flowers that we obtain the deep red of saffron and the aromas of this precious and seductive spice. Mainly used as aromatics, saffron is also available in any other form: syrup, aperitif, old-fashioned nougat, honey and various saffron jams… Even tripous, foie gras or rillettes can be delicately accompanied.

Le pain


Pie, crown, clover or long, sourdough, rye, walnut, or even covered with local honey... Aveyron bread is available in all possible forms and at any time on our tables! This symbol of Aveyron gastronomy is distinguished by its authenticity and his character, which we owe to the incomparable know-how of our master bakers. Each variety of bread tells a story of tradition and passion, which offers the cultural richness of our region. Whether it's a nutty bread to accompany a good cheese or a sourdough bread to enhance a traditional dish, the bread occupies a Central place in our kitchen.


Just like bread, the Aveyron walnut comes in all its possibilities, bringing richness and diversity to our gastronomic heritage. Here you will find the fresh walnut, crunchy and full of flavors, ideal to accompany an Aveyron cheese like Roquefort. Nut-based specialties are numerous and varied, ranging from nut cake, a delicious homemade pastry, nut bread, perfect for enhancing a regional dish. 

bin of nuts

FAQ on the delights of Aveyron

What are the best culinary specialties to discover in Aveyron?

 Aveyron is a true paradise for foodies! Don't miss the famous Roquefort, the creamy aligot, the delicious spit cake, and of course, our traditional pastries like fouace. And that's just the beginning ! 

How is aligot prepared?

Aligot is an art! It is a mixture of apple puree earthen and fresh tome, worked until obtaining a smooth and stringy texture. It's a perfect dish for evenings with friends, to share in a friendly atmosphere. 

Which typical cheeses should I absolutely try?

If you like cheese, you will be served! Aveyron is renowned for its Roquefort, the Bleu des Causses, the tome of Laguiole, the cabécous, and the perail of sheep. Each cheese has its own character and deserves to be tasted. Even more local, our 2 service providers Petit Compostelle goat farm and Falgayroles Farm offer you succulent cheeses

Where can I enjoy these Aveyron specialties?

You can taste them in local restaurantsOn the steps, and during gastronomic festivals. The bakeries and cheese shops of Villefranche de Rouergue, Villeneuve, Najac and Rodez are also perfect places to make great discoveries. 

What typical ingredients are found in Aveyron pastries?

Our traditional pastries are often made with local ingredients such as almonds, anise, and local honey. Try it fouace, crunch with almond, and the cake on the spit for a real treat. 

How are walnuts used in Aveyron cuisine?

The nut is very versatile at our place. You will find it in cakes, bread, walnut oil, and even walnut wine. It brings a rich and authentic flavor to our dishes. 

When is the best time to visit Aveyron for a gourmet experience?

All year round is a good time to come and taste our specialties, but a little favorite for autumn, especially because it is the ideal weather to enjoy dishes like the aligot.

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