Discover the best places to share a delicious meal in the company of your faithful four-legged friend. From cozy restaurants to tips for the perfect picnic, find inspiration for unforgettable moments with your dog.

Restaurants that accept dogs

Many restaurants and cafes welcome dogs in their rooms and/or on their terraces. Because we know it can be difficult to find which ones, we've made the job easier for you! Find establishments that will be happy to welcome you and your pet.

Picnic with your dog

Are you more of a packed lunch to enjoy outdoors than in a restaurant? Find a picnic area nearby for a meal surrounded by nature. While you enjoy some local products, your dog can enjoy the nature that surrounds him, or take his nap peacefully lying in the shade...

What to take for a picnic with your dog?

  1. Fresh water : Bring enough water for you and your dog, as it is essential to keep him well hydrated, especially in hot weather.
  2. Water bowl: A foldable or portable bowl specially designed for dogs is practical for providing water.
  3. Dog food : Prepare a portion of your dog's usual food so he can eat during the picnic too! Kibble or canned food is a convenient option.
  4. Leash and harness: Although there are places where your dog can walk without a leash, it is recommended that you have one with you, just in case. A harness can also be helpful in keeping your dog safe.
  5. Waste bags: Be sure to pick up your dog's waste during the picnic.
  6. First aid for dogs: It may be a good idea to have a dog first aid kit on hand in case you need it as well as a tick tweezer.
Eating with your dog

Would you like a picnic by the water?
Along the Aveyron river, find the ideal spot!

All restaurants that accept pets

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The suburb

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Sightseeing boats

Boat Olt: restaurant cruise

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The Dali's


Damien's Workshop

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The Relais Mont le Viaur

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The Glacier


Table Jacques said

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The unusual – restaurant


Farrou Relay

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