On vacation near Villefranche de Rouergue in August, we discover the program of the Festival in Bastides! Six days of shows and artistic performances to the rhythm of music, all in a festive and warm atmosphere... Here we go!

A clown show in Villeneuve

After quickly going through the rich entertainment program, we choose to attend a first show in the charming medieval fortified town of Villeneuve. It is not quite 15 p.m. and two curious characters are waiting for us on Place Jeanne d'Arc, next to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher...
We sit on the benches to observe this intriguing scene. The two protagonists are dressed in long socks, suspenders and the color of the tip of their nose leaves no room for doubt… They are clowns !

The show begins, the two actors take us into their artistic universe, at the crossroads of fairground theater, circus and cabaret.
The burlesque scenes follow one another and cause the audience to laugh, amused looks meet and offer a moment of sharing in all simplicity. Let yourself be carried away by this duo for 50 minutes of show, to the rhythm of mimes and the sound of the accordion.

The church bells are ringing, it's already 16 p.m.! We continue the afternoon with a walk in the village and a refreshing break on the terrace… Other spectators are there and awaken our desire to go and attend the evening performance in Villefranche de Rouergue…

We continue… With fanfare!


cultural spaces

Direction Villefranche, place Bernard Lhez to attend the last performance of the day, a choreographed musical show! At the heart of the country house, the terraces are filled with holidaymakers and locals savoring the Aveyron specialties. We follow the movement of passers-by to the square. The stands are filling up in front of the stage, volunteers guide us to two free seats. In the audience, families, couples, groups of friends of all generations. Just enough time to contemplate the square and its old buildings for the show to begin!

Ten musicians enters the scene: trumpeters, tubists, drummers, saxophonists… each one brings a communicative energy! Latin American tunes take us on a journey to Latin America... Impossible not to tap your feet or move to the rhythm of the music!

After an hour of show, everyone gets up and applauds this intoxicating and colorful show! It's decided ! Tomorrow we do it again!


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