Hikes in Martiel: perfect for those who like walks with low altitude! Choose your route and breathe the pure air of the countryside!

Where to walk in Martiel? We suggest three routes in the town of Martiel, 10 kilometers from Villefranche de Rouergue:

Dolmen circuit – 1,6 km

Dive 4000 years into the past through dolmens dating from between 2500 and 1600 BC in the middle of the forest.
These monuments are very fragile. So that everyone can contemplate them as long as possible, be sure to respect the site.

The association for the Protection of the Heritage of Martiel offers guided tours on the dolmen circuit lasting approximately 1h30. In July and August, starting Friday July 8. More information on : www.bastides-gorges-aveyron.fr/agenda/visites-guidees-sur-le-circuit-des-dolmens.

Circuit of the dolmens of Martiel

Bannac Lake Tour – 4,5 km

Departing from the Martiel Bird Lake campsite, observe the wildlife through this family walk around Bannac Lake. You can take advantage of the tables set up all around for a picnic sheltered from the sun.
In winter or after several days of rain, certain areas around the lake become impassable or at least very marshy.

Tour of Lake Bannac - Hiking in Martiel

Lou cami vielh circuit – 10,6 km

This circuit takes you through the beautiful heritage of Martiel including its wash houses, its caselles, its dovecotes, etc. You can take advantage of the portion along Lake Bannac to observe birds or relax for a picnic.
After several days of rain the edge of the lake can become very marshy, come well equipped!

Camin vielh circuit

Other hikes

Other marked hikes are offered by the commune of Martiel. Go to the heart of the village to discover the panel which brings together all the circuits.

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