Fancy a little lazing on a beach? A picnic on the edge of the Aveyron or the Lot? To “dip” your feet in a stream or a river? To swim in a lake?
You will surely find your happiness in this page.

Attention ! For all of the following sites, access is free and swimming, when possible, is often unsupervised. You are therefore held responsible in the event of an accident.

To continue to enjoy this wild nature which makes the beauty of the Bastides and Gorges of Aveyron, please respect it!

Natural sites by the river

Pleasant natural corners, it will be possible to picnic there in peace and even sometimes to “take a dip”!  

Along the Aveyron river and the Viaur river


Outdoor base located at the exit of Villefranche, on the banks of the Aveyron, you will find a picnic area as well as a wide range of activities offered by the Sports and Nature leisure center (starting point for themed hikes, children's games, paddle, disc golf, canoeing).
Un snack bar will allow you to eat on site.

Or, a few kilometers from Villefranche de Rouergue, the Gourg-Gassiés site, located on the Gasse road (along the river), towards La Bastide-L'Evêque (5km). Featuring impressive boulders in a pleasant setting. You can park on the side of the road relying on cars parked nearby. Access to the site is via a small path, the entrance to which is not easy to find. Open your eyes!


On the edge of the Aveyron, at the foot of the bastide of Najac and its royal fortress, you can enjoy the river and the green surroundings. Access to the river is not far from the AAGAC leisure center, which also offers an interesting range of activities (canoeing, rafting, hiking, mountain biking, adventure park) to discover the gorges of Aveyron and Viaur.

The bastide l'Évêque – the Pont du Cayla

Two leagues downstream from Compolibat, four leagues from Villefranche de Rouergue, the Cayla Bridge (former Gallo-Roman bridge) once connected the bailiwick of Peyrusse to the village of La Bastide l'Evêque (once arrived at La Bastide L'évêque follow the direction "Pont du Cayla"). And to defend it, above the village scattered on the rocky slope, a castle erected its crenellated towers. Today, blackthorns, hollies and a few young oaks cover the slope. The place, very pleasant, allows you to enjoy the freshness of the Aveyron river and spend relaxing afternoons. No swimming.

Be in your element


Cross the bridge, turn right and make yourself comfortable on the lawns or around one of the picnic tables. From this little corner of greenery, you will fully enjoy the view of the splendid village of Belcastel, dominated by his castle

Bor and Bar

On the borders of Tarn and Aveyron, you will find Bor and Bar on the edge of the Viaur a picnic area. Near it the Gourpassou campsite but also a climbing site outdoors of a hundred routes, the “Roc del Gorp”, from beginner to experienced level.


Between Rignac and Villefranche, Compolibat which has an intermunicipal area along the river. You will find children's games, tennis, volleyball, petanque, fishing, approved climbing and paragliding sites, minigolf, fitness trail, permanent orientation circuit. 


At the border between the Tarn and the Aveyron, about thirty kilometers south of Villefranche de Rouergue, the village of Laguépie suggests a short stopover on the edge of the Viaur with her equipped beach and its shaded picnic area.
On site: departures for mountain biking, and on foot, nautical activities at the leisure base.
Swimming allowed in summer (supervised).


Located 27 km from Villefranche de Rouergue, in the direction of Cordes-sur-Ciel, an ideal spot for swimming: the Lagarde Viaur beach. Accessible from Villefranche, in the direction of Cordes, go to the village of Saint-André-de-Najac, go down into the valley the beach is at the bottom.


Bourg with the appearance of a small town enclosed in fortifications, Prévinquières is installed 25 meters above the Aveyron river. Its picnic area will therefore allow you to enjoy the freshness of the river and thereby take a walk in the heart of the village. No swimming.

A moment of idleness

Along the Lot River

Opposite the town hall of Cajarc, go down the rue du Faubourg, there you will enjoy the meanders of the Lot with a shore animated by café and restaurant terraces, and punctually by demonstrations. The body of water itself is dedicated to nautical sports.

Saint-Cirq Lapopie, a village of character on the side of a cliff, is located in the heart of the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park. At its feet, the Lot river will make you enjoy the splendor of the landscape and its relaxed lifestyle, at the edge of a equipped beach.
On site: campsite.
Swimming authorized in summer (supervised in July and August in the afternoon).

Along the Cele River

Narrower than its Lot counterpart and perhaps also less crowded, the Célé river offers just as many small spaces by the water's edge, which are calm and pleasant. Access to the river is often close to the boat facilities of the canoe-kayak bases (Brengues, Orniac, Marcilhac sur Célé or even Saint-Cirq Lapopie). Also, it will be quite easy for you, if you drive along the river, to stop at your leisure and find natural sites conducive to setting foot in the water! 

Lakes and bodies of water 


Located in the Tarn et Garonne, very close to the village of Parisot, this 9ha body of water is well laid out with the possibility of fishing, a playground, a skate park, a swimming area fitted out for the summer (games inflatables, slides), and a snack!
On site: campsite with swimming pool.
Entrance fee to the lake in summer only: Adult €3 – Children €2
Swimming allowed in summer (supervised).

Baraqueville – Val de Lenne

This artificial body of water, located a hundred meters from the center of Baraqueville offers multiple activities: supervised swimming in summer, refreshment bar, watercraft rentals (pedal boat, canoe, kayak, and paddle, windsurfing and optimist on reservation)
On site: UFOLEP Sports Leisure Center of Val de Lenne
Swimming allowed in summer (supervised).

Le Lévézou: Pont de Salars, Pareloup and Villefranche de Panat

About an hour's drive from Villefranche, on this vast Lévézou plateau located between the Tarn and Aveyron valleys, EDF created 50 artificial lakes in the 5s, including those of Salars Bridge, Pareloup et Villefranche de Panat, with a total area of ​​about 1700 ha. Developed beaches, supervised in summer, to enjoy the sun, swimming and practicing various nautical activities (sailing, canoeing, jet skiing, sightseeing boat, canoe…), many hikes possible.
These lakes, including those of La Gourde and Bage, are also accessible to fishermen.
Swimming allowed in summer (supervised).

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