Why spend your holidays in the Gorges de l'Aveyron? We give you 5 good reasons to come to this preserved corner of Aveyron, between wild nature and preserved heritage.

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Gorges of the Aveyron

1/To recharge your batteries in the heart of unspoiled nature

small valleys, great adventures ! Don't expect to find the vertiginous cliffs of the grand canyon of Verdon or Arizona here. The gorges of the Aveyron on the contrary offer a multitude of secret and preserved places, behind closed doors. Of his source in Séverac-le-Château to its confluence with the Tarn, the Aveyron is a discreet river. He is not always easy to approach.

In its wild and meandering part between Belcastel et Najac, it crosses a real green whose secrets only the most persevering hikers will be able to unlock.

2/To visit one of the most beautiful villages in France: Najac

At the heart of these wild gorges stands Najac, one of the " Most Beautiful Villages of France ". Perched on its rocky ridge, Najac has retained all the poetry and charm of the Middle Ages. Walking along its long main street, you can admire remarkable buildings, witnesses of the history of this old castle town become country house royale. At its climax, an impressive fortress reigns over the gorges and hills that surround it. Treasure of defensive architecture, it will take you back to the time of Cathar struggles and other historical battles.

The Aveyron gorges in Najac

3/To experience thrills

In gorges of the Aveyron, small and big History are one. You too can experience great adventures! Along the water, feel a sensation of freedom canoe Kayak, keep your balance on a paddle boarding or let yourself be carried away by the force of the current Rafting. Climb to the tops of the trees for a thrilling experience at the AAGAC nature base in Najac. Jumps, zip lines and ladders… Adrenaline guaranteed! Take a little more height: fly away in the air! In hot air balloon or ULM (small plane), fly over the beautiful landscapes of gorges of the Aveyron with The Things of the Air.

Extend your adventure in the Gorges du Viaur!

Want to measure yourself against the elements? Meet at Rock of Gorb for an adventure between rocks, rivers and forests. An ideal spot for climbing and via ferrata in the heart of the Viaur valley. This discreet river is a tributary of the Aveyron, it crosses the communes of Bor and Bar and Saint André de Najac a few kilometers from Najac.

4/To follow the way to Santiago de Compostela

As we told you a little earlier: only the most persevering hikers will be able to unlock the secrets of the gorges of the Aveyron. So enjoy the GR®36 to cross some meanders of the river between Monteils et Laguepie. This wooded part of way to Santiago de Compostela will offer you a privileged one-on-one with the nature. You may even have the chance to make some unexpected encounters… Nature is full of surprises!

The Aveyron river at Monteils

5/To admire exceptional viewpoints  

The Storytellers
Viewpoint over Najac and the Aveyron gorges

In order to beautiful panoramas ? Budding photographer? Around Najac, superb viewpoints on the village and the gorges of the Aveyron waiting for you. At La Planquette, on the road to Saint-André de Najac, or on the road to Mazerolles, marvel at the magical-looking silhouette of Najac. Like a sleeping dragon on its rocky ridge, the village will reveal all its power in this green where everyone can reconnect to the essentials.



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