Discover our TOP family hikes in the heart of the Bastides and Gorges of Aveyron. In the woods, at the water's edge... Explore Aveyron as a family!

Walking with the family means exploring the world and its little wonders. It also means sharing moments of freedom in the great outdoors and learning while having fun.
Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, venture in complete safety on these paths which reassure parents and awaken the imagination of children.

Top 5 family hikes

Martiel Dolmen
Jerome Morel


Circuit of the dolmens of Martiel

Distance : 1.6 km
To discover : 3 dolmens and the Gleyettes cloup.
Environment: walk in the woods, typical caussenard landscape (low walls, arid, shepherds' shelter, etc.)

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Church of Tolongergues
Jerome Morel


Little tour of Tolongergues

Distance: 3.7 km
To discover : caselles, castle, church, exhibition gallery.
Environment: path in the woods of the causse, along dry stone walls.

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Sylvie Bosc


Trail from Caylou to Monteils

Distance : 3.4 km
To discover : village of Monteils, wash house, shoeing oxen.
Environment: Assou park and stream, forest with discovery trail, viewpoints over the Aveyron valley.
Convenient : picnic tables.

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Family hikes


Heritage Trail

Distance: 5.3 km
To discover : Moulin du Teulel, Pont Neuf, information panels on fauna and flora.
Environment: edge of the Aveyron.
Convenient : picnic tables, playground.

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Bannac Lake, Aveyron


Bannac lake tour

Distance: 4.5 km
To discover : mills, wash house, old castle, bird observation post.
Environment: at the edge of the water, many birds.
Convenient : picnic tables, playground.

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Family hike: our advice

Here are some tips to make your family hike more enjoyable:

  1. Choose a suitable trail: Make sure you choose a trail that is suitable for the age and physical condition of everyone in the family. If you have young children, opt for a shorter, less difficult trail.
  2. Get ready: check the weather situation and be sure to bring enough water, food, and safety gear for your hike. Also, make sure everyone is wearing proper hiking shoes.
  3. Schedule a break: Schedule a regular break so everyone can rest, drink water, and eat a snack. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy the surrounding nature. Find the list of picnic areas in the territory here.
  4. Encourage Participation: Involve everyone in planning the hike and give everyone a role to play, such as navigating or searching for plants and animals.
  5. Enjoy: Don't forget to enjoy the natural beauty around you and spend quality time with your family.

A few simple gestures to follow during your walks

  1. Let's stay on the trails and be discreet.
  2. Let's not make a fire and collect our waste.
  3. Close the fences and gates.
  4. Respect protected areas.
  5. Let the flowers grow.

Consult the hiker's charter

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