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Sentier de Caylou – Monteils


Hiking, Countryside, Forest

Family walk in the forest, you will discover beautiful views of the Aveyron gorges on one side and Monteils, Villefranche and its fault on the other and learn more about the different species of trees that surround you.

Marked SP2 red.

Caylou – Monteils trail

Distance: 4,7 km

Step 1: Departure from the motorhome area

From the motorhome area, cross the D47 to reach the washhouse square where you can admire the Couderc washhouse on your right and a work shoeing animals on your left. Then turn right onto rue du Barry then right again and immediately left onto chemin de Vaysses. After 200 m, take the path in the forest opposite.

Step 2: Direction the hamlet of Caylou

At the next intersection, take the path to the left then to the right until you reach the road. At the end of the road on the left is the hamlet of Caylou. You turn right on the road and can admire the view of the Aveyron gorges. Continue to the D47 to cross it and take the path opposite.

Stage 3: View of Monteils and the Villefranche fault

Continue 700 m on this path. You have a magnificent view of Monteils, the Villefranche fault and in the distance Villefranche-de-Rouergue. Go back down the path on the right to the D47 to take the path opposite. Then continue on the Chemin de Saint-Jacques then turn left before turning right on the D47 and return by the Moloyres road to the motorhome area.

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