Najac is one of the most beautiful villages in France located in Aveyron. It is a must in the Bastides and Gorges de l'Aveyron destination. How to visit Najac? We give you some ideas.

  • Walk in the medieval village
  • Guided and accompanied tours
  • Visit of the fortress of Najac
  • Hike in the Aveyron Gorges
  • Outdoor activities
  • Discovery of local crafts
  • Cultural events


Walk in the medieval village

Stroll through the picturesque streets of Najac and admire the medieval architecture of the village. You will discover charming stone houses in an authentic atmosphere. Do not hesitate to get lost in the small streets to discover hidden treasures. To guide you on your walk, bring a visit plan At the tourism office.

Visite de Najac
The Storytellers


Guided and accompanied tours

To unlock all the secrets of Najac, follow our guides! On a classic, sensory or nature walk guided tour, you can discover the heritage of the village and its history.

Guided tours

Nos incontournables : la forteresse de Najac
Aurelie Michel


Visit of the fortress of Najac

Explore the Château de Najac, one of the must-sees in the village. Discover its towers, ramparts and historic rooms while admiring the panoramic view of the Aveyron gorges. Guided tours are often available to learn more about the history of the castle.

Fortress of Najac

Randonnée de Najac à Laguépie
West Aveyron Tourism


Hike in the Aveyron Gorges

Enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings of Najac by taking a hike. There are several marked trails which will allow you to explore the surrounding countryside, forests and rolling landscapes. You can also walk along the river, enjoy the tranquility and maybe even have a picnic by the water.

Aveyron Gorge hikes


Outdoor activities

Najac has a base in the great outdoors which offers a wide range of activities. You can go tree climbing, canoeing, paddle or mountain biking.

Outdoor activities

Couteau de paix Najac
D. Viet – CRTL Occitanie


Discovery of local crafts

: Najac is home to several local artisans and artists. You can visit their workshops and shops to discover unique artisanal creations, such as ceramics or cutlery. This is an opportunity to bring home an authentic souvenir of Najac.

For the greediest, you can also savor the specialties sweetened with bakery : fouace, croquande, marzipan or a Najac ingot.

fine craftsmanship

Salon de la coutellerie Lames à Najac


Cultural events

Depending on when you visit, you might be lucky enough to attend one of the festivals or cultural events held in Najac. Check the local events calendar for dates and planned activities

All the events

the things of the air


In the air

And why not fly above Najac for a sensational view of one of the most beautiful villages in France? In ULM (small plane) or hot air balloon, keep an unforgettable memory of Najac.

Activities in the air

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