Explore Sauveterre-de-Rouergue, a charming medieval village in the heart of Aveyron. Stroll through its cobbled streets, admire its half-timbered houses and enjoy the authentic atmosphere of this beautiful bastide. Perfect for a getaway rich in history! 

In the heart of Ségala, between Rodez, Albi and Villefranche-de-Rouergue, Sauveterre-de-Rouergue stands out as a remarkable medieval bastide.

But what exactly is a medieval bastide? It's a medieval town designed to offer optimal quality of life! With their checkerboard streets converging towards a Central place lively, often lined with arcades, these cities were strategically placed along trade routes to facilitate the path of pilgrims to sites like Santiago de Compostela. With its preserved architecture, Sauveterre-de-Rouergue is a perfect example!

House facade, Places aux Arcades
Under the arcades, Sauveterre de Rouergue

5 reasons to visit Sauveterre de Rouergue  

  • Admire the preserved medieval architecture: appreciate the untouched beauty of its medieval houses. 
  • Take a break on the Place des Arcades: an ideal place to taste regional specialties while admiring the charming arcades. 
  • Enter the Saint-Christophe church: classified as a historic monument, it hides an elegant altarpiece. 
  • Escape to the landscapes of Ségala: enjoy the natural setting that surrounds Sauveterre, large hilly spaces ideal for hiking. 
  • Local crafts: meet artisans and artists who perpetuate local traditions. 

Sauveterre-de-Rouergue: historic and economic bastide in the heart of Ségala 

Sauveterre-de-Rouergue, founded in 1281 under the leadership of Guillaume de Macon, seneschal of Rouergue, and of King Philippe III the Bold, is a remarkable bastide established to guarantee peace in this region of Segala. Organized in nine quadrilaterals balanced around a vast central square lined with arcades, the town is animated by a flourishing commercial life. 

Managed by four consuls, Sauveterre houses stone houses, sometimes with private courtyards, testifying to the past prosperity of merchants, craftsmen, notaries and magistrates. The central square is a vibrant place of activities and exchanges, where mingle Article et Story. The church, built in the 14th century, and other historic buildings enrich the heritage of this Rouergue village. Nearby, the town of Naucelle and villages like Jouels offer enriching discoveries. 

Sauveterre-de-Rouergue is renowned for being one of the most beautiful bastides in France, preserving and celebrating the history and culture of Rouergue. 

Place aux Arcades Sauveterre in Rouergue

An exceptional heritage

In this bastide of Sauveterre-de-Rouergue, the four districts, Saint-Jean, Notre-Dame, Saint-Vital and Fonbougine, mainly house artisans. Each district had its defensive gate, of which two beautiful examples from the 14th and 16th centuries still survive, supported by large ditches, some still in water. 

Built in the 14th century in the Languedoc Gothic style, the church Saint-Christophe collegiate church houses elegant Renaissance stalls and a remarkable baroque altarpiece, illustrating the art and history of the town. The half-timbered or beautiful stone houses from the 14th to 16th centuries bear witness to the past wealth of this bastide, which played an important administrative role under the Ancien Régime. Many of them have corbels, sometimes very pronounced, spanning the square and the cart streets, adding to the unique charm of this bastide in France. 

A dynamic artistic center

From the 15th century, a cutlery tradition developed in the country of the Hundred Valleys, whose capital was the bastide town of Sauveterre-de-Rouergue. At that time, this town was populated by numerous traders and artisans : blacksmiths, winegrowers, carpenters, carders, drapers, hatters and stocking makers. Some of them even traded at the Lausanne fairs. 

For more than 40 years, the town has experienced a real renaissance of its crafts. New creators have settled there: cutlers, leather workers, hat makers, stained glass workers, artistic metalworkers, creators of jewelry, art screen printing and leather clothing, thus boosting local economic activities. 

Thus, we can say that Sauveterre-de-Rouergue is a living community, conjugating to the past, present and future at the same time. 

Segala Tourist Office

Go to the website of the Ségala tourist office to find all the information for visiting the bastide of Sauveterre de Rouergue.

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Villefranche de Rouergue market

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rue de najac, view of the royal fortress
Main street of Najac


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Village La Bastide l'Evêque - Le Bas Ségala
Alley La Bastide l'Evêque

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