Explore this XNUMXth century salvage, capital of Haut-Ségala. Observe the civilian remains and the imposing Saint-Martial church, built in the XNUMXth century and fortified during the Hundred Years War.

The capital of Haut-Ségala

Between Villefranche-de-Rouergue and Rodez, on the road leading to Sauveterre-de-Rouergue, Rieupeyroux conceals a heritage still little known today. But this village of Haut-Ségala has all assets to capture the attention of history buffs and nature lover.
The geometric plan of the old town is reminiscent of that of a country house, the arcades of the Place du Gitat confirm this impression. The half-timbered houses and the Griffoul fountain bear witness to this medieval civil architecture.

A Benedictine rescue

Nestled at the foot of one of the highest points of the Segala, Rieupeyroux was built in the XNUMXth century by the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Martial de Limoges. From its foundation, monumental crosses marked the limits of the rescued and guaranteed the protection of the Church to travelers and its inhabitants.  

Around the monastery, farmers, breeders and craftsmen prospered. Nevertheless, the latter had to face a "light and infertile land crumbling under the rock" where only "the heather and the slender stems of rye grow in the summer". Their stubbornness allowed the city to see flourish elegant stone and half-timbered houses as well as a picturesque public fountain called Griffoul.

Although remodeled, the church has some Romanesque remains and houses a mysterious scapula of exceptional dimensions. The specialists affirm that it comes from a whale, others like to tell that it would belong to the giant Gargantua, the biblical character Samson or the Devil himself.

A 360° panorama of nature

To obtain one of the most beautiful panoramas on the " country of 100 valleys ”, join the modulance chapel. Camped on low and thick walls and covered with schist slabs, the building is a real cathedral, like a lighthouse in the heart of a green lung.

You can access it by many hiking trails, all offering atypical views of Rieupeyroux and the surrounding Ségalian nature. On foot, by bike or on horseback, it is pleasant to explore the local fauna and flora.

During your walk, let yourself be touched by the tranquility of the herds of cattle. Fed on his mother's milk and hay, and cereals produced on the farm, Aveyron veal is a flagship of Aveyron gastronomy. Many breeders perpetuate this ancestral tradition of quality Label Rouge meat, benefiting from a Protected Geographical Indication.

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