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Sports and Recreation 05 August 2023

Course du Lac de Morlhon le Haut

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12200 Morlhon-le-Haut


12200 Morlhon-le-Haut

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Come and participate, on Saturday August 5, 2023 in the race of the Lake of Morlhon-le-Haut!

2023 Edition

Departure at 18 p.m. for 10 km

Information for the 2022 edition:

On Saturday July 31, the runners or walkers will set off from Lake Morlhon for a single 9km loop on a very natural shaded circuit. Taking the surrounding paths, the competitors will pass towards the Château des Anglais before discovering the new hiking path which runs along the Doulouze.

This circuit is accessible to all runners, confirmed or not, experienced or occasional walkers.

For supplies, everyone will have to provide their own (sanitary reason); the whole circuit will be self-sufficient, be careful not to forget your bottle of water.

On the registration side, these will be done on site (provide medical certificate) and will respect the established health rules; registration fees will be free.

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Opening hours on August 05, 2023
Saturday Open

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