Every year, find your favorite events in Bastides and Gorges de l'Aveyron. Celebrations, festivals, markets, flea markets, experience warm moments around Villeneuve, Villefranche and Najac.

The meaning of the party

Come and experience festive moments in Aveyron!

In July, dive back into the Middle Ages at the Villeneuve medieval festival. In August, let yourself be surprised by the Festival in country houses in Villefranche, Najac, Sauveterre, Villeneuve, Rieupeyroux and the Bastide l'Évêque. Live a theatrical week with acrobats, acrobats, actors, musicians... for the pleasure of young and old!
Are you on vacation in Aveyron at the end of August and are you a gourmet? Celebrate the fouace at the Saint Bartholomew's Day of Najac.

27 May 28 May 2023

Lames cutlery show in Najac

  • Najac
This exhibition-sale show will take place on the Place du Faubourg and under the medieval covers of Najac. Cutlers, blacksmiths, creators, blacksmithing, fire arts, market and medieval crafts… From 9 am to 18 pm on the Place du Faubourg. Free admission. Catering and refreshments on site.

23 June 25 June 2023

Feast of St Jean in Villefranche de Rouergue

  • Villefranche-de-Rouergue
Flower parade, bandas in the squares and in the streets, traditional musical groups from all European countries, parades of cheerleaders and folk groups, large funfair, the St Jean festival is a must in Villefranchoise life.

15 July 16 July 2023

Medieval Villeneuve

  • Villeneuve
Come and celebrate the medieval heritage of Villeneuve d'Aveyron on the occasion of the medieval faërie! Shows, performances, traditional dinner… to the sound of flutes and tambourines. Located 9 km from Villefranche de Rouergue, the bastide of Villeneuve is a little nugget to discover. Overlooking the limestone plateau of the Causse, it is a stage on the way…

19 August 21 August 2023

Najac Fouace Festival

  • Najac
On the occasion of Saint-Barthélemy, savor an essential specialty of Aveyron… Fouace! Like a regional star, this brioche cake is celebrated at the Najac festival in August. A gourmet and festive product: the fouace! Fouace, a crown-shaped cake flavored with orange blossom, looks like a brioche in…

29 July 03 August 2024

Festival in Bastides

  • Villefranche de Rouergue, Villeneuve d'Aveyron Najac, La Bastide l'Evêque, Rieupeyroux and Sauveterre de Rouergue
Every summer, the Festival en Bastides showcases street arts in Villefranche, Najac, Villeneuve, La Bastide l'Evêque, Rieupeyroux and Sauveterre de Rouergue. Let yourself be surprised! A festival, bastides Now an unmissable event in the cultural landscape of Aveyron, the Festival en Bastides will illuminate, again this summer, the squares, alleys and gardens of the bastides...

Our other highlights and annual meetings

Meal with duck fries (gratounade):
in Sanvensa, Najac, Foissac, Morlhon…
In February – March:
Stuffed chicken meal in Monteils, Sanvensa…
In February :
Occitan Weeks in Villefranche
Wild boar evening in Villefranche
In March :
Wine and chocolate fair in Villefranche
Rally of the Causses in Villeneuve

In April :
The “repountchounade” in Maleville
Taste fair in Najac
Gratounade in Najac
The Viaur Rally in Bor and Bar
Noble Val Gardens in St-Antonin
In May :
Lames cutlery show in Najac
The parade of horse-drawn carriages in Villeneuve
Trail the laces of the Viaur in Bor and Bar
Artist's Book Festival in St-Antonin
In June :
Blue Dogs Festival in Najac
St Jean Festival in Villefranche
Carriages and Riders in Villeneuve

In October
Estofinade in Ols-et-Rinhodes
Villefranchement Rock in Villefranche
Chestnut fair in Laguépie
Noble Val Gardens in St-Antonin
In November :
Festa foie gras in Villefranche

Gourmet night markets in the villages
in Najac: every Wednesday evening
in Villefranche: every Sunday evening
in Villeneuve: 1st Friday in July and August
In July :
Book and youth comic book festival at La Fouillade
Stuffed hen meal at Marin
Film Festival, Under the Canvas, in Najac
Veal on the spit, in Najac
Festi'bar in Bor and Bar
Beef on a spit in Villefranche
Medieval Faerie in Villeneuve
The Medieval of Caylus
Urban Sketchers in Caylus St-Antonin and Laguépie
Piano under the stars in Lacapelle Livron
Occitane Summer University in Laguépie
Night Motocross in Laguépie
Harvest Festival in St-Antonin
Samba Al Pais in St-Antonin
In August :
Festival in Bastides in Villefranche, Villeneuve, Najac,
La Bastide l'Evêque, Sauveterre and Rieupeyroux
Feast of St Barthélemy and Fouace in Najac
Musical Labyrinth Festival in Rouergue in Villefranche
“1000 sandwiches” meal in Salles-Courbatiès
Classical music festival in Caylus
Potters market in Caylus
Haymaking festival in Espinas
Festi-Lac in Parisot
Threshing festival in St-Antonin
In September :
Traditional Driving Competition, Carriages in Villefranche
Villeneuve Festival
Gathering of vintage cars in Najac
Celebrate St-Antonin

And all year round

Theater performances, conferences and concerts organized by local associations: see the list of events

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