Why come and live in West Aveyron? Discover the good reasons to come and live every day in Villefranche-de-Rouergue, Villeneuve, Najac or in one of our other villages of character.

And if you take advantage of the sun and the Aveyronnaise-style living well all year ? Imagine: living in the land of vacations, in a city on a human scale or in a village in the countryside. A place where small shops and services will make your daily life easier. Enjoy cultural outings, friendly local festivals conducive to encounters… And the wide open spaces are yours! The gorges of the Aveyron will be your family playground or to practice your favorite sport, contemplate nature in all seasons.

Sun and mild temperatures all year round

On the borders of the South-West and on the first hills of the Massif Central, the West of Aveyron benefits from a fairly mild oceanic climate. Our Bastides are towns and villages that are sunnier and less rainy than the national average. The sun is out Villefranche-de-Rouergue more than 27 days per month in summer and 24 to 25 days per month in winter!

Temperatures are rarely negative, with an average of 17°C over the year: from 7°C in January to 27°C in August. With its healthy and dry climate, the causse of Villeneuve is an ideal place to breathe the clean air of our large natural spaces in Aveyron. NajacWithin gorges of the Aveyron, nature remains green for much of the year and autumn reveals magnificent colours.

Living well every day in the land of holidays!

By coming to live here, you will benefit throughout the year from numerous activities, a rich associative life, whether you live in Villefranche-de-Rouergue in Villeneuve or to Najac or in one of our many other villages of character. And because here we have a sense of celebration, in summer you will live fully major festivals et night markets with your neighbors who have become your new friends.

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Every week, you will find Béatrice, Patrice and your other favorite producers on the Villefranche market or in the shops of local products. Aveyron specialties, local meats but also fruits and vegetables full of local sunshine, enjoy the good life in a short circuit! Eat healthily and take care of yourself every day, with relaxation and well-being activities : the recipe for your new life here.

Become an ambassador for your territory

Reserved for the inhabitants of the 29 municipalities of the territory of West Aveyron Community, or for people who work on the territory, the ambassador card provides unlimited access to a selection of sites to visit!

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Here, we have reconciled cultural outings and sport

To spend you, the gorges of the Aveyron will be your life-size gym where you can practice your sports and leisure activities favorites. Around the water of course: canoe Kayak, paddle boarding, fishing… vertically : climbing, via via ferrata, Tree Climbing park… or in the air: paraglider, hot air balloon… With our hikes and tourist circuits, our historical sites and monuments, you will be spoiled for choice for the Wednesday outing or the family weekend.

In our Bastides, art, history and heritage intersect in amazing places to visit: Jean-Marie Perier Studio in Villeneuve, the Governor's House in Najac, the Cabrol Urban Museum, Saint-Sauveur Charterhouse and Chapel of the Black Penitents in Villefranche… For children, workshops are offered all year round by the Country of Art and History of the Bastides of Rouergue.

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