An event to celebrate ? Offer a Basti'KDO gift card and support your local businesses in Villefranche de Rouergue & Villeneuve d'Aveyron!

What is the Basti'KDO card?

  • A free gift card.
  • A payment document valid in nearly 70 businesses in the city center of Villefranche-de-Rouergue as well as Villeneuve, which allows a multitude of uses.
  • A tool to energize and bring to life the businesses and town centers of the West Aveyron territory.
  • A way to please your family, friends or colleagues.

Do you have Basti'KDO checks?

If you still have Basti'KDO checks (old version of the card), you can still use them within the expiry date.

Where can I use my Basti'KDO?

Thanks to your Basti'KDO card, make your purchases from a wide choice of businesses located in the town centers of the West Aveyron territory including Villefranche de Rouergue and Villeneuve d'Aveyron:

  • Fashion and jewelry
  • Food shops
  • Home & Leisure
  • Beauty, wellness, medical
  • Other services: photographer, florists, haberdashery, IT, etc.

How to buy my Basti'KDO?

To buy your Basti'KDO, two solutions:

In our points of sale:

On our online store:

  • You choose the amount of your gift card between 10 and 250€
  • You do your online purchase
  • You collect the card by click and collect in one of our points of sale or you receive it by post.

Are you a company ?

The Basti'KDO card is an ideal solution to please your employees and a way to save time, control your budget and support the local economy.

For professionals, orders will be processed at the Villefranche de Rouergue Tourist Office with Sales Representatives Basti'KDO, Emeline Delpuech and Viviane Hery.

To buy Basti'KDO cards:

  1. Fill in the online form.
  2. You will receive a quote to return to us signed.
  3. Collect your Basti'KDO cards and your invoice at the Villefranche – Promenade du Guiraudet Tourist Office.
Partners of the Basti'KDO system

Any questions?

Contact our Basti'KDO representative via the form below.

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