Every Sunday morning, go to one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France for a traditional market. In Najac, fill your shopping bag with fresh, local products before visiting this exceptional site.

A market with an authentic setting

On Sunday morning, when you arrive in Najac, head towards Place du Faubourg. Arranged to develop markets, this square, long and narrow, is bordered by two rows of houses which formed a linear housing estate. Admire, in the extension of the square, the long street that stretches to the fortress. This perspective seems straight out of a fairy tale!

To the south, the stone or half-timbered houses from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries are extended by covers under which the goods for sale were sheltered. Even today, the square is a place of trade and commerce where you can meet merchants and producers. Don't forget your basket and fill it with good fresh and local products!

A themed market

At certain times of the year, the market is placed under a particular theme! Seedling market local producers, market well-being, market craft knife or chestnuts… The event is reinvented throughout the year to the delight of day visitors and locals alike. 

On this occasion, meet artisans et local producers and spend some time in a friendly atmosphere. 

After your market, don't forget to push the door of the craftsmen's stalls!

An emblematic product: Fouace

From the Latin “Focus”: hearth, the fouace is the Provençal heritage of the savory form of fougasse, in a sweet version. It's the cake the brioche type that takes the Aveyronnais back to their childhood, the palm tree cake and Catholic religious festivals. Behind its simplicity, this Proust madeleine hides beautiful stories of sharing and transmission. If time passes and recipes change, one thing remains the same: its subtle scent of orange blossom. 

Ideal for breakfast or snack, don't forget to bring some back to your basket! 

Did you know?

Every year, at the end of August, the village of Najac celebrates Saint-Barthélemy and the fouace! Spread over three days, this highlight of the summer brings together all generations around a colorful program.

Participate in Saint-Barthélémy

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