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Tour du lac de Morlhon – Morlhon-le-Haut


In the country, Forest, Stroll

A short walk ideal for a Sunday with family or friends. You can also take advantage of the site for a small picnic by the water.

Tour of Lake Morlhon – Morlhon-le-Haut

Distance: 0,9 km

Step 1: Parking next to the multisport field

You can park your car next to the multisport field. Then go straight down to the lake and start walking around it. On the side, you can also use the weight machines available and the pétanque court.

Step 2: Fishing trip

The lake is also ideal for fishing (2nd fish category) with your fishing license (compulsory, information from the AAPPMA of Villefranche-de-Rouergue). Two pontoons have been fitted out, one of which is suitable for people in wheelchairs.

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