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Tour du lac de Bannac – Martiel


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Departing from the Lac aux Oiseaux campsite in Martiel, observe the wildlife through this walk around the Bannac lake. You can take advantage of the tables set up all around to picnic in the shade.

Around Lake Bannac – Martiel

Elevation: -13 D- ​​/ 13 D+

Distance: 4,5 km

Stage 1: Departure from the campsite entrance

Opposite the entrance to the campsite, take the path on the left heading west to the intersection with a path which leads to the right towards the campsite bar and to the left towards the lake. At this intersection, turn left. Follow straight for 1 km, along the lake, to a place called Fontaynus. The lake is an artificial body of water that once powered two mills. It covers 23 hectares between the Lot and Aveyron departments and is classified as a ZNIEFF (natural area).

Step 2: Place called Fontaynous

In Fontaynous, you will discover an old washhouse, a virgin and the built heritage of the hamlet. It is also a very pleasant place to stop for a picnic. Then turn right (compared to your arrival path on the site) then after 50 m on the road, take the first path on the right. It takes you to the edge of the lake as far as the dyke which separates the lake into two parts.

Step 3: At the bird observation post

Cross the dike. On the left is the natural ornithological reserve. At the exit of the dyke, there is a bird observation post. Continue to your right along the lake to the level of a small wooden bridge spanning the overflow stream of the lake. Go up and then cross the main dyke of the lake. On your left, you can see the Bannac mill and its reach.

Stage 4: Return via the campsite

At the end of the dyke, turn left for about 50 m then turn right and take the path that climbs to the crossroads located near the campsite bar. Continuing straight, you find the starting point.

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