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Randonnée en Sauveté, circuit n°9 autour de Najac


In the countryside, Hiking

Hike to discover the Najac countryside with some curiosities and one of the most beautiful viewpoints on Najac. The circuit does not start from Najac but can be reached in less than 10 minutes by car, near the Mergieux holiday village.

Sauveté hike, circuit n°9 around Najac

Distance: 10,3 km

Stage 1: Departure from the multi-sport ground of Mergieux

From the multi-sport ground of Mergieux, take the road which goes up for 30 meters and turn left on the forest track which goes up in the fir trees for 1.5 km.

Arrived at the top of Puech de la Levade (alt. 420 meters), continue to the road. You can observe in the distance, going down, the Church of the Salvetat des Carts where you will pass in a little while.

Stage 2: In the forest of Mergieux

Take the road to the left. At the crow's feet follow the main road to the left, then continue on this road until the next crossing. You can enjoy a nice view of the village of Najac.

Step 3: Point of view on Najac

Take the D564 opposite which climbs towards Villevayre for 200 meters then take the path on the right which leads to one of the most beautiful viewpoints over Najac.

Stage 4: Towards the hamlet of La Salvetat des Carts

Cross the road and take the path opposite. The path goes up to a place called La Barthe. Arrived at the level of the small road, turn left towards the Salvetat des Carts.

[Possible junction with circuit 3 by turning left at the level of the small road]

Stage 5: Discovering the heritage of the Salvetat des Carts

Turn left going around the duck pond. You arrive at the Salvetat des Carts. before continuing on your way by turning right at the level of the two large plane trees, it would be a shame not to discover the church of St Laurent (priory of the XNUMXth century) and its cemetery.

Step 6: Discovery of an old lime kiln

Turn left, then straight after a small climb. You now see the D594 road. Before reaching it, a small path on your right leads to an old lime kiln 100 meters away. You will not regret this little detour when you discover this construction.

Step 7: Towards the Daoudou horse farm

Cross the road and head towards Daoudou. Take the path on the left which runs along the road for 300 meters.

Cross the Daoudou horse farm then take the path which goes straight up then goes down to the hamlet of Galy where it turns into a road.

Step 8: Return to starting point

At the intersection with the next road, turn left and stay on this road for 500 meters.

Take the path on the left which goes down towards Mergieux. A succession of hairpins will take you to the Loubezac stream.

Courage, a last very steep climb will bring you back to the starting point.

Step 9: End of the circuit

Return to the starting point after nearly 3 hours of walking! Possible junction with circuit 7 down to the Mergieux holiday village.

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