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Le petit tour de Mergieux, circuit n°7 – Najac


In the country, Forest, Hiking

Hike accessible to all around the hamlet of Mergieux. Be careful though, some passages have a significant drop. This circuit does not start from Najac, it is accessible by car or via circuits n°6 and 8 from Najac.

A good part of the circuit is in the forest. Alongside hardwoods (eg hornbeams, chestnut trees, ash trees, etc.) which made up the forest cover until the beginning of the XNUMXth century, some softwoods have been planted for logging. The forests around the holiday village of Mergieux are exploited by the ONF.

The little tour of Mergieux, circuit n°7 – Najac

Distance: 6,0 km

Stage 1: Departure from the multi-sport field

Possibility to park at the level of the multi-sport ground. Then take the direction of the old holiday village, 300 meters further on, cross it to descend completely to the bottom of the village.

Stage 2: On the banks of the Aveyron

Take the wide path on the right which descends towards the river, you are on the GR36. At the start of the path you will come across two Y-shaped intersections, always turn left. Go down to the river, pass under the SNCF bridge.

The path runs along the right bank river for 1,5 km with beautiful passages in boxwood tunnels.

Step 3: The confluence between the Aveyron and the Sereine

At the Baussanière stream, turn right before the bridge. The path rises steeply for one kilometer to Baussanière (alt. 312 meters) or 150 meters of drop from the river.

In Baussanière, discover a magnificent view of the confluence between the Aveyron and the Sereine as well as the old holiday village of Mergieux.

If fatigue begins to be felt, take the road for 500 meters and take the first path on the right, otherwise follow the markings of the path which starts at the corner of the meadow. This path winds through the woods along tracks left by motorcycles until it finds a wider path.

Step 4: In the forest

Take this path to the right which descends via a succession of hairpins to the Loubezac stream.

Cross the stream, then take the path that climbs steeply. Courage, you are only 500 meters from the finish.

Stage 5: Arrival at the Mergieux holiday village

Return to the starting point, near the old holiday village of Mergieux (created in 1975).

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