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Du plateau à la reculée – Montsalès


In the countryside, Forest, Hiking, Discovery


Discover the many treasures of the small village of Montsalès through this hike. It begins with a magnificent view of the valley and then descends to discover a rather spectacular source.

Loop marked in blue.

From the plateau to the remote – Montsalès

Distance: 9,4 km

Stage 1: Departure from the main square of Montsalès

With your back to the town hall, take the road on your right to arrive at the Calvary where you can admire the view of the valley. From there, take the way of the cross then the first path on the right which descends towards the cemetery. Bypass the cemetery then take the road on your right and follow it for 1 km.

Step 2: The source of Flancou

Once past 1 km, take the path to the right which climbs towards the source of Flancou. At the next intersection, take the path to the left which goes down to the source. Continue on this path until you find the road.

Step 3: On the way

Take the road to the right and follow it until it turns into a path. Keep going straight ahead. You come to an intersection with a road. Cross it and take the far right path opposite. At the next intersection, turn right and then immediately right. You then arrive on the D87 which you will take to the right.

Stage 4: The hamlet of Gaurels

Then take the first right then, on the path, left to rejoin the D87. Then turn left and take the path opposite to the right towards the hamlet of Gaurels. Pass behind the church and go straight to reach the path behind the houses. At the next intersection, turn right and go straight along the path for 1 km. At the crow's-foot intersection, turn right then left to join the D87, follow it straight ahead and join the main square of Montsalès.

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