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Circuit des Crêtes – Saint-Igest


In the countryside, Hiking

From the splendid church of the village of Saint-Igest, you will take the country lanes between the herds of cows and calves. You will observe a 360 degree panorama of the surroundings.

Circuit des Crêtes – Saint-Igest

Distance: 7,6 km

Stage 1: Stage 1: departure from the cemetery car park

Departure from the parking lot in front of the cemetery. You will first pass through the park of the church of Saint-Igest then come out at the end of the park through the gate before crossing the D248 towards the town. Take the path to the left of the rue du bourg then the path to the left which goes up. Once you have walked along this path, you find yourself at the level of the D48. Carefully cross the D48 and continue on the road opposite for 400m. Then take the path to the left. At the intersection with a house, continue straight. At the next intersection, take the path to the right for 1km.

Step 2: Step 2: country air

Arriving on the D134, take the small path to the right for 1km to the road. Continue to the D48. Turn left for 50m then the path on the left which goes up. At the end of the path, turn left on the road then take the first path on the right behind the house. Then turn left on the road then take the path opposite which you have already taken which leads to the D48. Turn right to go along the D48 then, after the bend, take the path to the intersection at the start of the hike. Turn left and return to the starting point by the same route as on the outward journey.

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