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A la découverte du patrimoine – Montsalès


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Montsalès is home to an exceptional local heritage, part of which you will discover during this hike: the Brignoles washhouse, a dolmen on the edge of the field and even a cave!

Marked in pink.

Discovering heritage – Montsalès

Distance: 6,9 km

Stage 1: Departure from the main square of Montsalès

With your back to the town hall, take the road on your right to arrive at the Calvary. From there, take the Stations of the Cross then straight on at the intersection to the D86. Then take the path opposite towards the Brignoles washhouse. Once you arrive at the washhouse, continue on the path until you reach the D86 then cross it to take the path opposite. Keep going straight ahead. You cross a road to take a straight path then you arrive again on the road with a cross at the intersection. Then turn right onto the road.

Stage 2: Dolmen at the edge of the field

Follow the road for 300 meters then turn right. On your left, a dolmen is placed in the continuity of the low wall, at the edge of the field. Take the road opposite then the first path on the left for 1 km. At the intersection, turn left for 500 meters then left again and left again towards the cave. Go back and forth to the cave then continue on the path to join the D86.

Step 3: Out of the forest

Take the D86 on the left to join the dolmen on the right and turn left again then go to the hamlet of Pouty. This time, continue straight to reach the village of Montsalès more quickly. At the next intersection, turn left onto a road that turns into a path, then turn left again to reach the main square of Montsalès.

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