The SPL Ouest Aveyron Tourisme offers varied professions and know-how! We present to you our permanent team.


Gwenaëlle Lehmann, executive director

What I like : my life here! Living and working in Villefranche-de-Rouergue, doing a few errands on the way home while being able to escape for a walk on the causse just behind my house after work!  

The place I recommend you go see:  the small village of Sainte-Croix, nestled around its bell tower and the view at the top over the entire Causse de Villeneuve.

The specialty you must taste: beef, Aubrac breed, raised locally in the flowery meadows of the Causse or Ségala and duck sausages with foie gras.

My favorite : the Viaur gorges on the Bor-et-Bar side, its wild river and its mountainous terrain, where we come across birds and animals along paths lined with heather.


Véronique Pellat
Administrative and accounting assistant

Our team - Véronique

What I like : the atmosphere of the Thursday morning market in Villefranche.

The place I recommend you go see: the village of Najac.

The specialty you must taste: spit cake, estofinade and farçous.

My favorite : the view from Calvary over the bastide town of Villefranche.

Geoffrey Lieutaud
Human resources and administration manager

Our team - Geoffrey

What I like : being able to walk in the great outdoors whatever the season, with your family, with your dogs running free, and pick up some of the offerings that nature offers us. Happiness.

The place I recommend you go see: Calvary, for its view of Villefranche de Rouergue.

The specialty you must taste: clover (bread cooked over a wood fire), organic duck breast from the Palayret farm.

My favorite : the small Sunday morning market in Villefranche, Place de la République.


Stephanie Avenue
Rrelevant partnerships and service provider relationships

What I like : sport in the great outdoors. Hiking, climbing, via ferrata… with friends

The place I recommend you go see: the view from the major tower of the royal fortress of Najac.

The specialty you must taste: Joël's jokers on the Thursday market in Villefranche de Rouergue.

My favorite : hike on the GR36 from Laguépie to Najac and stop for a picnic in the heart of the wild and deep gorges of Aveyron.

Promotion and communication

Gaëlle Cabady Bosc-Andrieu
Promotion manager, editions and press referent

What I like : take a short walk with the family on the paths of the causse and the surrounding tranquility.

The place I recommend you go see: Place Notre-Dame and its Thursday morning market in Villefranche, a very friendly atmosphere, and lots of good products to taste!

The specialty you must taste: fricandeau and good country bread, as well as fouace de Najac

My favorite : the little cloister of the Chartreuse, and the calm that reigns there!

Marion Gratuze
Digital communications manager, website referent

Our team - Marion

What I like : wander around and rediscover all our little landscapes throughout the seasons.

The place I recommend you go see: the viewpoints over the Lot valley: Saut de la Mounine and La Croix des Belges.

The specialty you must taste: farçous but also estofinade served in certain restaurants and village festivals.

My favorite : the night visit to Villeneuve.

Monuments, facilities and guided tours

Déana Albareil
Stay advisor, shop and documentation representative

Our team - Déana

What I like : walks in the great outdoors.

The place I recommend you go see: the point of view from Calvary.

The specialty you must taste: the spit cake. 

My favorite : stroll in the Pesquiès plain.

Christine Cabrit
Stay advisor, group referent

Our team - Christine

What I like : so many things ! eating an ice cream during an afternoon shopping in Villefranche, the landscapes of the Causse around Villeneuve, the viewpoint at the top of the Najac fortress, the prehistoric cave of Foissac...

The place I recommend you go see: the chapel of Thirteen Stones.

The specialty you must taste: my mom’s stuffed chicken! 

My favorite : the Chartreuse Saint-Sauveur, especially in the morning when there is no one there yet!

Ludovic Lemercier
Reception and equipment development manager, visit site referent

Our team - Ludovic

What I like : go mountain biking on the paths of the Causse, in all seasons.

The place I recommend you go see: the Toulongergues church, a unique building in the world!

The specialty you must taste: the oil pump, without the slightest hesitation!

My favorite : the sensory visit to the chapel of the Black Penitents.

Clemence Meneux
Stay advisor, reception and Tourism Quality representative

Our team - Clémence

What I like : Hike or ride horseback in the Aveyron gorges.

The place I recommend you go see: Najac! This perched village has something to surprise you.

The specialty you must taste: There are so many... I would say the spit cake for the sweet, and a good portion of truffade for the savory.

My favorite : the summer evening entertainment in our villages and the conviviality we meet there, we feel so good there!

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