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Circuit vélo des puits et fontaines – Martiel


In the countryside, Stroll, Hike


This short circuit around the picturesque hamlets of Martiel makes you discover the heritage of the causse between caselles, fountains and wells.

Bike circuit of wells and fountains – Martiel

Distance: 7,5 km

Stage 1: Departure from the town of Martiel

Starting point on the patus de martielou in the town center with a view of the tower. Head uphill in front of the village hall then 200 meters away, turn left and join the RD911. At the pedestrian crossing, cross the RD911 and follow it for 400 meters towards Villefranche. Just after the car garage, leave the RD by turning slightly to the left and follow the dirt road lined with hedges straight to its end, about 1 km. On a section of a few tens of meters, you will follow, in the same direction (turning your back on the hamlet of Darse), the paved road then in the first bend at an angle, take the dirt road in front of you on the left side of the paved road.

Step 2

At the end of this path, you find a road. Take it to the left towards Massar. After 50 meters to the right of this path, you can pay a visit to the fountain of Quillou. Then take the road back to Lake Massar. Turn right to cross the lake dike. At its exit are 2 wells. Continue and cross the hamlet of Massar made up of beautiful stone constructions (in Massar turn left). At the crossroads (crow's feet) at the MAssar exit, take the RD in the direction of Martiel for about 300 meters to discover the Pleyjean fountain. Retrace your steps for about 50 meters from the RD (direction Villeneuve). Take the path on the left leading to the hamlet of Mathet. At the heart of this hamlet, take the path on the left which leads to the heart of the hamlet of Pleyjean. In the hamlet of Pleyjean, turn right to head towards Pierrat. In Pierrat, turn left towards the place called Calmels. After about 300 meters on this road, turn right. Cross Calmels and follow the path towards the town of Martiel as far as the RD911.

Step 3

Turn left on the RD911 passing in front of the bakery. Cross the RD911 and take the first road on the right before the post office building. At 20 meters, turn right again, follow the alleys, always slanting to the right. You will come to a clearer space with a small wood warehouse (the adjoining stone building was once a post house). Continue your way then take the alley on the left. You enter the housing estate of Régis. Cross the Régis subdivision towards its lowest part, then, when it comes out, turn right and go down and cross the Miquélie bridge. At the exit of the bridge, turn left to reach Salelles. Turn left again and cross the Salelles bridge. Immediately at the exit of this bridge, take the path on the left passing near the well and the wash house of Miquélie. Arrived at the end of this path, turn right and go straight up to the heart of the village of Martiel with a view of a well, the church, the porch and the fort of Martiel. You have arrived at the starting point of the circuit.

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