Want to know the landscapes, trees and birds that surround you? Take part in nature walks to discover the Causse Villeneuvois or walk along the banks of the Aveyron in Najac.

What are nature walks?

Accompanied and fun visits in the great outdoors to take the time to breathe and contemplate, while learning!

Let yourself be guided along the region's picturesque trails to discover typical landscapes. Observe the local fauna and flora and learn more about the region's small heritage while enjoying the tranquility of the Aveyron countryside.

Our nature walks

Two nature walks are offered to you at the destination:

  • On the Villeneuve d’Aveyron plateau 
  • On the banks of the Aveyron river in Najac:

Two family walks of approximately 3.5 km which take you to discover two types of landscape. Put on your sneakers and let's explore!

How do I book my nature walk?

Ready to give it a try? Book your nature walk now on our Tickets online.
Nature walks are organized from April to November during school holidays.

Are you a group of more than 20 people? Visits to our sites are possible all year round, go to our group space.

Our other accompanied outdoor outings

Walk edible wild plants

With Michaël Fayret

Go for a walk with Michaël Fayret, wild gatherer and field botanist, he will explain all the secrets of edible plants, wild flowers and small berries
that grow along our paths. For culinary, medicinal or household use, it will reveal all the secrets of these plants to you!
Walks suitable for families.

With Jean-Charles Teulier

Botanist and scientific popularizer, Jean-Charles Teulier will introduce you, throughout the seasons, to wild edible and medicinal plants in an outing of approximately 700m. Traditional uses and recipes!
Walks suitable for families.

Commented walk on the La Borie moor

Emmanuel Gilhodes, expert in nature and sensitive spaces, invites you to observe the orchids and butterflies of La Rouquette. On the Natura 2000 site of the Borie moor, discover more than 40 varieties of wild orchids and nearly 60 species of butterflies during a guided walk.

Discovery walk of the Marais de Montaris

Discover the Montaris marshes with Rémi Garrigou, specialist in rivers and marshes. This Sensitive Natural Area is rich in exceptional biodiversity, you will be able to come across many species linked to wetlands...

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