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Natural heritage à Saujac

Saut de la Mounine


12260 Saujac

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Viewpoint over the Lot valley. The Saut de la Mounine is the viewpoint of the Causse, overlooking the alluvial plain and the ledges of the Causse de Gréalou from 150m. You can see the village of Montbrun and its castle opposite the viewpoint.

Discover the legend of the Saut de la Mounine: …Once upon a time there was a monk named Sidoine, who, returning from Compostela with his goat and his monkey, a mounine, walked along the edges of the cliffs overlooking the Lot. He lost his balance and fell which would have been fatal if his rope belt had not caught on a boxwood branch. Discovering a cave, he chose it as his hermitage and settled there with his faithful mounine...

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