Tuesday January 23, 2024, the SPL Ouest Aveyron Tourisme organized a meeting around an aperitif with the tradespeople et artisans to present the structure's missions in terms of tourism and attractiveness. This first time of exchange follows the establishment with Ouest Aveyron Communauté and the Commerces en Bastide association of a new partnership with the SPL Ouest Aveyron Tourisme for the “Basti'KDO”, since 1er December 2023. In addition, the SPL now offers its services to all traders in the region, thus offering additional communication to commercial and artisanal activity.

Why this partnership?

Ouest Aveyron Community support since 2017 Basti'KDO device, originally developed by the Villefranchoise Commerces en Bastide association who still pilots it. It has been extended since 2021 to the city center of Villeneuve and it aims to be able to integrate all local traders in the West Aveyron territory who volunteer, to work together!

As part of the process “Center-Life”, launched in 2023 by Ouest Aveyron Communauté, the SPL Ouest Aveyron Tourisme is responsible for the promotion and marketing of the Basti'KDO system in partnership with the Commerces en Bastide association. In 2024, the aim is to experiment with a new organization for the commercial and artisanal revitalization of the territory.

Basti'KDO, who does what?

The proximity gift card is now sold in the Tourist Office offices in Villefranche-de-Rouergue, Villeneuve and Najac. The Ouest Aveyron Tourisme team also takes care of sales to businesses and develops the online sales. Thanks to the financial support of Ouest Aveyron Communauté, Ouest Aveyron Tourisme does not take a commission on sales.

For information, the sales premises under the arcades of the Consulate are closed.

Trader associations are still in charge of membership to the Basti'KDO system. You must be a member of the association and established in the city centers or towns of the region. Interested traders can contact Commerces en Bastide in Villefranche or Villeneuve Artisanat & Commerces, they accept memberships from traders from other municipalities in the area.

What does Ouest Aveyron Tourisme do for traders?

Alongside accommodation providers, restaurateurs, sports and leisure activity providers, site owners or managers, event organizers... traders and craftsmen also drive the tourism economy! The territory has more than 550 tourist structures and Ouest Aveyron Tourisme runs a network of 200 partners all year round, offering them a dozen specific services.

Among our services for partners : visits to better understand the area's offerings, professional meetings to discuss, tools and documentation to advise your customers... And your dedicated page on our website! New for 2024: a digital assistant based on our website with geolocation which will indicate nearby businesses, city maps (Villefranche, Villeneuve, Najac) with the possibility of inserting for your structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I automatically a partner of SPL Ouest Aveyron Tourisme if I am a member of the Commerces en bastide association?

No, membership in the Commerces en bastide association and the partnership with SPL Ouest Aveyron Tourisme are two distinct offers.

Do I have to be a partner of the tourist office to integrate the Basti'KDO system?

No, integration into the “Basti'KDO” system remains accessible whether or not you are a partner of Ouest Aveyron Tourisme.

What services would I be entitled to by becoming a partner of SPL Ouest Aveyron Tourisme?

To discover all the services for traders and craftsmen, consult our partner guide dedicated.

I am already a partner of the SPL, how can I update my page on your site?

To complete your page on the site www.bastides-gorges-aveyron.fr, connect to Caravelis. If you forget your password or when connecting for the first time, click on “forgotten password”

Once connected, a help section marked with a “?” at the top right of your screen will be able to guide you.

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