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La Rouquette

Oreilles en balade à La Rouquette – Balade sonore : parcours de Pierre Prevost


Le bourg
12200 La Rouquette

How do I get there?


At a place called Léonard, lives Pierre Prevost, a sculptor who brings to life a whole bunch of animals made from old objects which today no longer have any use. Listen to him talk to you about his work while strolling among his creations.

The path that leads to Pierre Prevost is located in Léonard, a path populated by his creatures. After the place called Léonard, at the end of Chemin de Combarel, you will find, on the right, a sculpture with a QR code in its center that you can flash. This will give you access to two audio documents, one to listen to on the way out and the other on the way back.

There is no child document but they will not need it as Pierre's animals will take them on a journey.

In the first document, Pierre accompanies you on the way. Wait for him to say “we're rushing into the path…” to start walking.

The path is 900 meters to his house. During this journey, Pierre will explain to you how he gives life to all these objects from the past, how he chooses them at flea markets or how it is the objects that choose him! In this way and elsewhere, he realizes real stagings, playing with nature and its particularities... Pierre exhibits for the passer-by and likes to share his humorous creations.

We promise you a beautiful moment in a poetic and facetious universe.

On the way back, listen to the second document “At the heart of the universe by Pierre Prévost”. He will tell you more about him, his house, his artistic journey. He created his place from scratch, first a cabin, then a workshop, then a house... and he gave life to so many sculptures, that today the workshops are full of them and Pierre works on them. 'outside! He tells us about his training in applied art where he learned to work with metal and goldsmithing. He tells us about artists who worked with recycled materials, about Picasso and his sculpture of a bull's head! He tells us about the objects he uses and the memories linked to them, a whole story from the 50s with the coal bucket and the stove pipes… He likes to divert objects that everyone knows like the fork! “It gives me pleasure to ultimately transgress. Changing the function of something is a transgression! ".

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