Oreilles en balade à Salles Courbatiès – Balade sonore

With headphones on, set off to explore Aveyron. Let yourself be guided by the stories told and experienced by the inhabitants of the village. An activity for everyone. Adult and child course. Free.

When you arrive at Salles Courbaties, park your car in front of the lake and the magnificent wooden hall made by a collective of carpenters.

The first point is at the edge of the body of water on the left. By listening to it, you will learn that you are in front of the causeway of the mill and that Salles Courbaties lived to the rhythm of the water.

Then with your back to the lake, cross the road follow the path, pass under the railway bridge and there the dovecote will appear. It has just been restored, the roofer and his son will explain to you how they redid the roof. During this time your children will learn all about dovecotes and dovecotes.

Retrace your steps, turn left and walk a little way down the road to a cafe. The signage is stuck on the wall. This is the cat's café!

For the rest, get back in the car to go to the village square of Claunhac where the dean will tell you about the party!

Then a short walk in the woods, at La Viguerie, to immerse yourself in the stories of the wash house of yesteryear.

Your last stop will be when leaving Salles Courbatiès, on the road, on your right, the company "Le Fil de Laine". Hear the history of this activity and the construction of the building. During this time your children will listen to the shearing of the sheep.

The route includes six stops. At each listening point, signage will tell you where to stop. The listening points are independent, you are free to choose the order and the listening numbers. You can also choose to move from one village to another, focusing on a theme such as water, religion, bastides, rescued people and castrums…

You will find all the information on the website.

To listen to the audio documents, you can flash the QR codes on the signage or borrow an audio guide. Remember to book them at the Town Hall (as on the site).

Note that 12 municipalities are equipped. Find them on the website. The closest is Peyrusse-le Roc, 10 minutes by car.

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