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23 July 2024
From 7€ / adult

Visite nocturne et contée de Villeneuve-d’Aveyron avec Michel Galaret

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12260 Villeneuve


12260 Villeneuve

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Nocturnal and narrated guided tour, a magical journey through time by torchlight... with the storyteller Michel Galaret!

For an evening, let yourself be guided by torchlight through the maze of streets in the Sauté-bastide town of Villeneuve-d'Aveyron. Our guide will take you to discover this pretty village under the stars.

Registration required at 05 36 16 20 00.

Meet in front of the tourist office. 


  • Heritage

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Opening hours on July 23, 2024
Tuesday Open
21: 00 to 23: 00
Opening hours on August 13, 2024
Tuesday Open
21: 00 to 23: 00


Prices Min. Max.
Individual adult guided tour
7 € 12 €
Individual child guided tour
7 € -

Payment method

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • French "Chèques vacances"
  • Credit card

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  • For all


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