Embark on an exceptional adventure: peacefully fly over the discreet wonders and hidden treasures of Aveyron in a hot air balloon. An unforgettable experience to live with your loved ones.

Does that tempt you? Here are three providers who offer the activity in Bastides and Gorges de l'Aveyron.

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Graves Airfield
12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue
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775 Route de Léonard
12200 La rouquette
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Hot air ballooning in Najac, Aveyron

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05 July 07 July 2024

Balloons and Bastides in Rouergue

Villefranche de Rouergue and Najac
Every two years, the Ballons et Bastides en Rouergue event brings together hot air balloon enthusiasts from all over France and beyond. For a few days, the sky over West Aveyron fills with multicolored balloons, offering a magical spectacle. This is the ideal opportunity to experience hot air ballooning as a spectator or participant. 2024 program

Head in the clouds

“If I say “balloon” to you, I’m talking to you about Balloon, no football or rugby, even if we are in oval country! Yes, I had the chance to fly over the Bastides and Gorges of Aveyron ! "


Gaëlle tells you about her experience in a hot air balloon above Villefranche de Rouergue and Najac.

Read Gaëlle’s story

Top 5 reasons to choose the hot air balloon activity to explore Aveyron

  1. Unique Perspective : admire spectacular panoramas that you wouldn't be able to see otherwise!
  2. A little gentle adrenaline: enjoy the serenity of the flight, far from the noise and hustle and bustle on the ground. An adventure that is both exciting and soothing!
  3. Spectacular photos: capture exceptional photos and unforgettable memories. Morning light adds a magical touch to your photos!
  4. Activity accessible to all : whether you are with family, friends, or as a couple, hot air ballooning is an activity suitable for all ages. It's a gentle and safe adventure, ideal for children and adults alike.
  5. Celebrate a special event : a birthday, a marriage proposal… A hot air balloon flight will make your occasions even more memorable.

Ready to take off on an extraordinary adventure and explore a destination in a new way? Book your hot air balloon flight today and enjoy an experience you will never forget!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to take a hot air balloon ride?

Hot air balloon flights are generally possible throughout the year. In general, flights early in the morning or late in the day offer the most favorable weather conditions and the most beautiful lights. Consider taking a little wool (or more)

How long is a hot air balloon flight?

The duration of a hot air balloon flight is approximately one hour, depending on weather conditions and the route chosen.

Are there any restrictions for taking a hot air balloon ride?

Restrictions may vary between providers, but in general there may be weight limits for safety reasons. Children must often be accompanied by an adult. It is also recommended not to fly a hot air balloon if you are pregnant or have significant health problems.

What clothes should I wear for a hot air balloon ride?

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing appropriate to the weather conditions. Even though it is warm on the ground, it can be cooler at altitude, so a light jacket is often recommended. Comfortable closed shoes are also preferable to sandals.

How does the takeoff and landing in a hot air balloon take place?

Taking off in a hot air balloon is a gentle and gradual experience. The landing is generally smooth, often assisted by a ground crew who guide the balloon until it touches land.

Is it safe to take a hot air balloon ride?

Yes, hot air balloon rides are generally considered safe when safety precautions are followed. Serious and experienced companies follow strict protocols and employ certified pilots who are trained to handle various situations.

Can I bring a camera or video camera on the flight?

Yes, it is generally allowed to bring cameras and cameras to capture memories of your hot air balloon flight. Just be sure to hold them securely during flight to avoid loss.

Can you book a hot air balloon flight for a special event?

Yes, many hot air balloon companies offer the ability to book private flights for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or marriage proposals. They can often customize the experience to meet your specific needs.

Are hot air balloon flights canceled in case of bad weather?

Yes, safety is the top priority during hot air balloon rides. Flights may be canceled or postponed in the event of adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds or precipitation.

Where can I get more information or book a hot air balloon flight?

You can obtain more information and book your hot air balloon flight directly from the providers mentioned in this article.

Other options for gaining height

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