Follow us along the river! We take you on our canoe in Najac for a refreshing trip on the Aveyron. Good feelings to live in the middle of nature...

Monday, May 30, 2022, it is already hot for the season. Almost 30°C in the shade! With a longtime friend, we decide to go in search of freshness. For this, we go to the AAGAC nature base in Najac. After hesitating with tree climbing and paddleboarding, we opted for the two-seater canoe.  

We collect our equipment from a very attentive, competent and, on top of that, friendly host! Here we are off on an adventure… For nearly 2 hours, approximately 6 kilometers of river trip, we take advantage of the picturesque setting of the meanders of the Aveyron to recharge our batteries.
Between streams, mills, forests, pebble beaches and cultivated fields, one marvels at the richness of the landscapes and the many panoramas on the perched village, the church of Saint John the Evangelist and royal fortress of Najac. From a low angle, you feel very small in front of this giant of ocher stone dominated by its dungeon of almost 40 meters! 

Along the water and to the sound of birds, we also give of our person. Some quite sweet portions allow us to relax without even paddling but others, more sporty, put us to the test.

The passage of an old mill in stairs, tight turns, small falls and fast and force us to be very careful! 

For a good quarter of an hour, we are lucky enough to be accompanied by a cane and its four little ones. They don't seem scared, on the contrary, they stop even when you're not going fast enough. That the nature is beautiful when you take the time to observe it!  

We then stop on a bank where the fauna is in full swing. A nutria jump into the water, heron shows off on a rock and dragonflies mate in the most perfect harmony.  

My personal advice

For those who are still hesitating, get started! You will spend a pleasant moment, in contact with nature. The course is quite diverse but affordable for everyone, as a couple, with family, with friends or even alone.

Not living very far away, we will come back one day to try rafting! Namely, this activity is only done in the off-season, when the river is turbulent enough to create this type of thrill.


About Ludovico

Lovers of nature and heritage, the territory of the Bastides and Gorges of Aveyron has seduced me... Its picturesque cities, its wide open spaces, its wild river and its majestic buildings make it very pleasant to live there. and work on it!

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