Where to park at the destination? Find all the information relating to car parks and parking in Bastides and Gorges de l'Aveyron.

Car parks and parking in Villefranche de Rouergue

Parking in Villefranche de Rouergue

In Villefranche-de-Rouergue, parking is FREE OF CHARGE on the entire perimeter of the municipality since 2020. Find more than 2 parking spaces in the city!
Some places located in blue areas are limited to 1h30. THE european blue disc is available free of charge at the tourism office, in town hall, at the Municipal Police and at certain merchants.

Our tips for parking in Villefranche

The bastide, historic center of Villefranche de Rouergue, is bordered by a one-way city tour. Here is some practical information to help you find your way around and find the ideal place:

  • Closest to the bastide: the parking lots present on the Avenues Aristide Briand or Languedoc walk are the closest to the center because they are directly located on the city tour, and in number! You can park all around the city, parking may however be limited (blue zones).
  • Nearby : the large Ruelles and Serres car parks as well as the Place Fontanges are ideal because they offer choice and are free, with no time limit. They are to be preferred on Thursday (market day).
  • Motorhome friends: you have 3 spaces in the alley car park. THE temple dock, especially the lower part, is accessible to you. The largest and purely dedicated to welcoming you is the one near the station, rue Lapeyrade (on clay).

Parking and car parks in Najac

Najac being perched on its rocky ridge, you will have to leave your vehicle quite early before your visit. Completely free and unlimited parking in the town.

Our tips for parking in Najac

  • Closest to the fortress: the closest will be the car park located on the forecourt of Saint John's Church but few places are available… You will have to arrive early to have a chance (Access strictly forbidden to long vehicles such as motorhomes)
  • To discover the village: the most suitable car park will be that of the Sol del Barry or the village hall (just below). This V-shaped plot is not recommended for vehicles that are a little long, such as motorhomes.
  • At the water's edge – to go hiking: la races, and its huge little-known car park, offers plenty of spaces. It will certainly be your ideal starting point.
  • For a picnic and panorama: le Planquette car park combine all these options! However, it will take 5 to 10 minutes to walk to reach the tourist office before starting your discovery of the village.
  • Motorhome friends: to be as close as possible to the village, go rue de l'hiversenq. Access by Sol del Barry square. Attention, we advise you to leave by this same place.

Parking and car parks in Villeneuve

As for Villefranche, traffic around the city is easy but here are our tips for parking well.

  • Nearest: the Sol de la Dîme car park is quite large: free and unlimited in time! (During major events such as the medieval or bastide festival, village festival, flea markets etc. these pitches are closed and others are offered near the stadium or the Foirail)
    NB: The whole city tour, or almost, offers pitches!
  • To go hiking: the car parks near the village hall directly overlook the start of the giant's tomb (the main hike in the small city)
  • Motorhome friends: The Sol de la Dîme is open to you from 9 a.m. to 16 p.m., but you have two other options via the parking lots of the village hall and the area near the campsite.

And for coaches?

To follow our guided tours or make a stopover in our cities: you are welcome!

  • In Villefranche you can drop off your passengers in front of the tourism office, Chapel of the Penitents or at the Saint-Sauveur Charterhouse. You can park at the station or Place de la Liberté. For market days (Thursday) we recommend Place Fontanges instead and avoid the Allées Aristides Briand altogether.
  • In Najac you will only have one drop-off option: Place du Sol del Barry (a stone's throw from the tourism office). To park at a place called Les Planquettes or the station. You can also make an appointment with your passengers down the street from the church, to pick them up and avoid them having to walk too hard. If dropped off for fortress: down rue de l'église.
  • In Villeneuve for drop-off and parking, everything happens at the Sol de la Dîme!

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