Seduced by the sweetness of life in our bastides and the wide open spaces of the Aveyron countryside? Come and settle down for good in our sunny towns and villages!

My accommodation in a country house or my house in the Rouergue

Living in the city in a remarkable heritage setting and close to services, your favorite merchants... Choose to buy and live in the bastide town of Villefranche-de-Rouergue. It is also possible in the bastide-sauveté of Villeneuve or in one of the most beautiful villages in France in Najac

You will fall under the spell of the old stones in one of the many other villages of character of the territory, in the middle of remarkable natural spaces: Salles-Courbatiès and its ponds, Martiel and its causse rich in dolmens, La Rouquette and the Borie moor, La Fouillade and its lake...

Transforming an old Quercy barn into white stone from the Causse, rehabilitating a half-timbered habitat into a bastide or renovating a schist house on the Ségala... to live there on a daily basis or to create a gite or guest rooms, it's available here!

The Storytellers

Building your house, renovating for a tourist project...

Consult an architect for free when you start a construction, extension or renovation project, whether for your house, a rural lodge, a commercial or agricultural building. This is possible thanks to Council for Architecture, Urban Planning and the Environment of Aveyron (CAUE) : monthly hotlines are provided in Villefranche-de-Rouergue.

Make your town planning procedures and housing with West Aveyron Community: permission but also support for energy renovation. Specific aid exists for housing in Villefranche and its bastide.   

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