In a trailer, a bubble, a perched cabin or a yurt, come and sleep differently in Aveyron! Unusual accommodation for all adventurers!

Want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in a world where nature reigns supreme? Aveyron extends its arms to you! This little corner of paradise in Occitania is the perfect destination for an unusual stay that will make you forget the stress of everyday life. Ditch the traditional hotels and discover accommodations that are out of the ordinary. Get ready for an unforgettable weekend or vacation!

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The Mord-Lion Tower

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Travel Trailer RV

Camping OnlyCamp du Rouergue – Les Roulottes

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The Cabin in the woods of the Moulin de Cavaillac – Tiny House

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Somn'en Bulle

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romantic teepee

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The Dovecote of Boundou – Catherine Morel

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Unusual accommodations for all tastes

In Aveyron, find the unusual accommodation that suits you. Imagine spending the night in a wooden cabin, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature. Wake up to birdsong and breathe in the fresh country air. Happiness !

A bubble transparent or even a trailer colorful? These atypical accommodations bring a touch of magic to your stay. Each accommodation offers a unique experience and promises to make your vacation a memorable one.

Want Adventure? Test vanlife

For free spirits and adventurers, try vanlife in Aveyron. Imagine yourself on the road, free as the wind, with the only limit being the horizon. Every day becomes a new adventure, from village to village, from natural site to natural site. It's the perfect roadtrip for lovers of the great outdoors, with unforgettable encounters and discoveries at every turn. Every day is a new page to write together!

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A romantic weekend in Occitania

In a romantic mood? The unusual accommodations in Aveyron are perfect for a romantic weekend. Surprise your other half with a gift original: a night in a cabin or in a bubble to admire the stars. Add a little touch of luxury with a candlelit dinner delivered directly to your accommodation, and you have the recipe for an unforgettable stay.

A stay in the heart of nature

Aveyron is a true invitation to relaxation and outdoor adventure. How about going hiking to discover the breathtaking landscapes of this region of Occitanie? Of the gorges of the Aveyron to the Lot valley, passing through the lacs, the wild and preserved nature of Aveyron is a real playground for nature lovers.

For thrill-seekers, there is no shortage of activities. Between climbing, canoeing, and paragliding, the most daring will find something to satisfy their thirst for adrenaline. And after a busy day, what could be better than returning to your unusual accommodation for an evening by the fire, under a starry sky?

And why not camping?

For an unusual stay, book your vacation at camping at the farm, perfect for an authentic experience close to nature in Aveyron. Imagine pitching your tent in the middle of fields, surrounded by farm animals and green landscapes. Take part in agricultural activities, taste fresh local produce and savor the simplicity of rural life. This is the perfect opportunity to meet people who are passionate about their region and enjoy moments of relaxation surrounded by nature. Farm camping offers an enchanted break, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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