Savor the taste from here, the taste of Aveyron! Local specialties, traditional recipes, taste our terroir, between generosity and simplicity... Bon appétit!


Aveyron specialties

Aligot sausage, Marcillac wine, spit cake, Roquefort… You know these Aveyron specialties ? Do they make your mouth water? You have not seen anything yet ! Discover our selection of dishes and products to taste during your stay in Aveyron.

Treat your taste buds!

The Storytellers

Producers and shops

Many breeders ou local receive visitors on their farm, explain their trade, show their herds and willingly open their doors for a discovery visit, a snack or a tasting.

Meet these enthusiasts of the Aveyron land and terroir in the heart of their farm, garden, soup and shop...


Want to cook our specialties?

After a ride on the Brive market from Villeneuve, Villefranche or Najac, you have only one desire… to concoct a good meal to share with the whole family. We give you the recipes of our grandmothers! Go behind the stove and delight your taste buds!

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