On Sunday morning, go to the heart of the medieval town of Villeneuve d'Aveyron for the traditional market. Meet the producers, discuss and savor the local specialities! 


The Sunday meeting

smaller than the Villefranche market, the Villeneuve market is nonetheless an event not to be missed!

On Sunday morning, pass under the Porte Haute of the village, also called Soubirane Tower and discover the colorful market stalls.
You arrive on a pretty square lined with arcades in the heart of the bastide of Villeneuve.

Stroll between the stands and let yourself be tempted by the local products and specialties of the territory. What will you bring in your shopping cart? An Aveyron cheese? A spit cake? Pranksters? An aligot? Everything inspires!


After shopping, it happens on the plate!

Once your cart is filled with good products, why not settle in one of the terraces who catches your eye?

In the shade of the chestnut trees or under the arcades, take the time to have a drink. Let the passers-by scroll around you, many know each other and greet each other. Families and friends meet at cocktail hour. The bells ring the end of the mass and the elders, wearing their traditional berets, exchange a few words in Occitan. Take full advantage of this simple and warm moment where the laughter of the tables and the sounds of local accents mingle.

Now it's time for the tasting ! At restaurant or in picnic mode, savor the Aveyron region.

Continue your walk

After the meal, take a digestive walk on the Causse de Villeneuve then immerse yourself in the world of the sixties Jean-Marie Perier Gallery. You can admire an impressive collection of photos of stars from the 60s taken by the famous photographer Jean-Marie Périer.

Do not leave without getting lost in the alleys of the safety of Villeneuve.

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