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Sentier des trois villages – Bor-et-Bar


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Discover the local heritage of the small village of Bor-et-Bar made up of several hamlets. You can enjoy magnificent views of the Viaur valley, which is a Natura 2000 site thanks to a great diversity of habitats and species.

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Trail of the three villages – Bor-et-Bar

Distance: 5,7 km

Stage 1: Departure from the town hall of Bor-et-Bar

With your back to the town hall, take the paved road to the right towards Bor, continue until you cross the forest path on the right. Take the forest path and after about 500 m, turn left to take a small path that goes up. On the right, several sôtôs are to be discovered. Follow this marked path to the village of Bor.

Stage 2: In the village of Bor

In the village of Bor, turn right and take the paved road to reach a junction with a small path on the left. Continue on the paved road for about 40 m then go down a small limestone path on the right. Immediately, take the chemin de castine on the right. You pass by the Cabane de Bernadou then cross the forest path and go down a small path to the right.

Stage 3: Towards the village of Laurélie

A little further on, cross the little Laurélie stream and continue on the path. We arrive on the forest path which leads to the village of Laurélie. Just before Laurélie, the village of Bar deserves a look. Continue straight towards the village and at the end of this small street, turn right on the small paved road for about 150 m before taking a dirt road which goes up to the right. After passing between 2 houses, continue leaving the house with the blue shutters on the left then take the path by which you arrived at Laurélie. Continue straight, shortly after passing the Bor stream. 50 m further on the left, there is an underground bread oven (you can access it by going down a steep path to see it).

Stage 4: Return to the village of Bar

Immediately on the left, take a small marked path which leads directly to the village of Bar.

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