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Les Moulins, circuit n°5 around Najac


In the country, Forest, Hiking

Pleasant and shady circuit to discover old mills. Start of the circuit on the heights of Najac, in the forest, before finishing on the banks of the Aveyron.

It is also possible to leave from the VAL-VVF holiday village.

Les Moulins, circuit n°5 around Najac

Duration: 02 hours

Elevation: -534 D- ​​/ 531 D+

Distance: 8.9 km

1. Departure from Najac

Departure from Place du Faubourg in Najac. Possibility to park in the parking lot of the post office. Go along the square, pass in front of the Tourist Office and continue to the grocery store 50 meters further on the left. Bypass the grocery store on the left and follow the houses and gardens through the magnificent "Roc de Cabusse" circular path. Go down to the Loge, then turn right towards the Place de l'Etoile. Turn left into rue du Bourguet, then left into rue de la Portète (just behind the small restaurant) to reach rue Basse.

2. Step 1

Turn left, cross the D39, and take the botanical path opposite to the Gabanel fountain then cross the bridge. Take the path which rises steeply under the boxwood. Leave a path on the right, continue to climb through the fir trees. At the next intersection, turn right and continue to climb until the intersection of 3 paths.

3. Step 2

[Possible junction with circuit 4 by taking the path that goes to the left] Take the path on the right towards Cassagnes. The path bypasses the holiday residence, continue along the small path which leads to a magnificent view of Najac.

4. Step 3

[Junction with circuit 6 possible by continuing the path opposite instead of turning right] Continue straight on the wide path for 150 meters then turn right between the rocks and take the direction of Puech Calme (arid area where only a few small shrubs and boxwood remain). Look around you, no sign of civilization, you are alone in the world!

5. Step 4

Turn right on the wide path that runs along the river. You will come across a first mill in ruins (mill of Ferragut) then 500 meters further on that of Auribal which is very well preserved. Observe the markings on the mill door. The very abrasive sandstone made it possible to sharpen the tools needed to sharpen the millstones.

6. Step 5

Continue for 300 meters to the top of the small hill. Possibility of shortening by taking the variant to the right as far as the Gabanel fountain. Otherwise continue straight on the small paved road that leads to the St Blaise bridge and the D594. 50 meters before the intersection with the D594 turn right towards Najac via the old cobbled coast. Cross the D39, go up the road opposite which leads to the church. [Junction with circuit 2 possible by taking the path on your left 100 meters before arriving at the church]. Go around the forecourt of the church and go down in front of the presbytery to join the low street which goes up towards the village. Retrieve rue de la Portette to go back to your starting point.

7. End of the tour

You have the possibility of going up by the rue du Barriou which goes directly to the place du Faubourg.

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