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The path of the vineyards – Bor-et-Bar


In the countryside, Hiking

Discover the sensitive natural space "Basse Vallée du Viaur" through gorges, forests and villages.

The path of the vineyards – Bor-et-Bar

Duration: 03 hours

Elevation: -599 D- ​​/ 599 D+

Distance: 11 km

1. Stage 1: departure from the Roc du Gorb car park

From the Roc del Gorb car park, take the path along the Viaur river. Turn right and, by a hillside path, arrive at the village of Bar.

2. Stage 2: direction the village of Bor

Turn left and leave the village following the direction "Bor" for 400m. Take a path to the right then, 300m further on, to the left. The path is lined with low walls. Note the sôtôs built in the low walls: these nooks, by stopping the water during heavy rains, made it possible to recover the earth to go up in the vines then cultivated on the slopes. The path leads to the paved road below the church of Bor.

3. Stage 3: the Viaur and its mill

Turn right to the cross of Ramaudez. Then take a path to the left: at the stream, turn right. At the road, turn right to the crossroads. Take the road on the right to reach Laurélie. Go past the first houses on either side of the road and turn left into Chemin de Picaussel, steep at the start then lined with terraces (former Laurélie vineyard) which goes down to Viaur. At the fork, turn right to reach the shore. Follow the Viaur downstream to the Moulin de Bar.

4. Stage 4: return to the Gorb site

Take the D69 in the direction of Bar, then 100m to the left, the road to the Cessetières campsite which leads back to the starting point.

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