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Entre Causse et Ségala – Naussac


Hiking, In the countryside

You leave for a discovery of the landscapes of the Causses and the source of the Diège with the added bonus of beautiful viewpoints on the surroundings and in the distance on the village of Peyrusse-le-Roc.

Between Causse and Ségala – Naussac

Distance: 10,8 km

Stage 1: Departure from the Naussac leisure area

The start is at the Naussac recreation area. Take the road on the left and follow the N1 wooden arrow markup. Continue the road for 500m. Arrived at the intersection with the D88, take the path opposite for 300m. Turn right on the D87 then the second path on the left called chemin du causse. You find yourself between the dry stone walls and the cows then enter the forest.

Step 2: From hamlet to hamlet

After the forest section, take the road to the left towards Puech Palat. Take the path to the left of the houses and continue on this path to the hamlet of La Galaubie where you will take the path to the left. After the second intersection, cross the level crossing then turn right. Continue straight on the path until you reach the D40 which you will cross.

Step 3: In the Diège valley

After crossing the departmental carefully, continue straight. You can observe, on your right, the Château de Marinesque. After crossing the Diège, take the next path to the left (you can also opt for a longer version of the 18km hike by turning right). Arrived on the road, cross it then continue on the path opposite with a part along the stream of Artigues. At the level of the D87, turn left then the road which goes down to the right at the level of the junction. You will then arrive on a path and cross the Diège again using a small bridge. A little courage to take the coast. Cross the D40 to continue on the uphill path. You arrive in a small hamlet, the hamlet of the station. Take the road to the right and cross the railway line.

Stage 4: Panorama over the village of Naussac

After taking the bend, take the path that goes up to the right. Then cross the road to continue on the path. Arrived again at the D87, turn left then the second right at the level of the cross. Then take the road directly to the left towards the hamlet of Bousquet. Do not miss to turn around to observe the beautiful view of the village of Naussac.

Stage 5: In the heart of the forest

After enjoying the view of the village and the church of Naussac, continue on the road and take the next left then the road to the right which goes down. Then take the next path on the left. You are in the forest for 500m before going up to the left towards the starting point.

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