Is it too hot to hike or survey our villages? It's pouring rain and you don't know what to do? Here is our selection of indoor activities.

Even if Aveyron is the paradise for outdoor activities, the weather can sometimes play tricks on you and disrupt your holiday schedule... Are you afraid of getting bored? No worries ! Around Villeneuve, Villefranche et Najac, wide choice of indoor activities offers itself to you. As a family with children, as a couple or with friends, explore visit sites sheltered from sun and rain. 

Our TOP 6 places to visit indoors 

Governor's House in Najac


The Governor's House

In Najac, go through the doors of this medieval residence and dive into the heart of the history of architecture and local heritage. Fun activities, children's workshops, treasure hunts, you won't be bored!

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Chapel of the Black Penitents
Nicolas Diolez


The Chapel of the Black Penitents

Be surprised by the Chapel of the Black Penitents. Enter and discover the cozy atmosphere of this building. The brown and orange colors of the paintings will take you back to the period Baroque, in an unforgettable moment of contemplation.


Cave of Foissac


The prehistoric cave of Foissac 

Go on an adventure, discover a underground world mysterious and enchanting. Between stalactites and stalagmites, let yourself be surprised by the bats and set off to meet your ancestors.

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House of Photography, Villeneuve d'Aveyron
The Storytellers


Jean-Marie Perier Gallery

In Villeneuve, the stars of the 60s invite you to Place des Conques for a visit to the shelter. See the photographer's exhibition Jean-Marie Perier, from the emblematic stars of “Salut les Copains” to the bells of “Gens d'ici”, savor a heady trip back in time.


Small cloister of the Chartreuse
Cedric Manoukian


The Charterhouse of Saint-Sauveur

On a guided tour, follow the passionate guide to discover the daily life of the Carthusian monks of yesteryear. With family, solve the inquiry and unravel the mystery of the missing relic. It is raining ? It's even better ! Watch the gargoyles of the small cloister come to life...

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indoor activities


The Atelier Blanc and the Moulin des Arts

Go to meet of contemporary artists recognized and emerging in a modern exhibition space on the banks of the Aveyron in Villefranche and in an old water mill in the heart of the village of Saint-Rémy.


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