Awaken your little ones to nature in the Bastides and Gorges of Aveyron. As a family, find the best activities with your children from 0 to 3 years old.

Not always easy to find activity ideas with a baby or a toddler... But don't worry here, the wide open spaces in Aveyron will be the ideal playground for the whole family! What's better than a little corner of the countryside for first explorations ? Here, everything awakens the senses: the sound of your footsteps in the leaves, the observation of wildlife, the picking of chestnuts, pebbles and other treasures!

Top 5 activities for children under 3 years old

Bannac Lake, Aveyron


A walk around a lake

Au Saubeyre lake at La Fouillade, come and have some air with your family. You can even take the stroller out thanks to a landscaped path of just under 1km! In an all-terrain stroller or in a baby carrier? Is the Bannac Lake that you can make a 4 km loop in the heart of nature to admire the fauna and flora

Discover the lakes

Child at the playground
Jerome Morel


A break at the playground

Find many parks and playgrounds on the territory. Slides, swings, turnstiles... your little wolves will be able to let off steam in complete safety.

Games and parks in Villefranche

With family on the plateau
The Storytellers


A walk in the woods

On the Causse of Villeneuve, take a family walk between the oaks and the cazelles. These dry stone huts will arouse the curiosity of children.

What to do with children from 0 to 3 years old?


A carriage ride

Discover the landscapes of the Bastides and Gorges of Aveyron at the pace of a carriage. Lulled by the sound of the hoofs of horses, admire the causse with the Soulie Farm or the preserved landscapes of the Aveyron gorges with the Daoudou horse farm.

DuPrem Alpaca


A visit to the alpaca farm

They are so cute with their soft fur! Meet the alpacas in Maleville. You can pet them and feed them. Your little ones will be amazed!

Visit to the alpaca farm

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