Would you like an experience in the air? Take to the skies and discover the villages and wide open spaces of the Bastides and Aveyron gorges at your own pace, touching the clouds!

If speed doesn't scare you, soar paraglider or in ULM (small plane) ! Trust the void and let yourself be carried by the updrafts.

For a gentler aerial adventure, challenge yourself to step over the basket of a hot air balloon ! In the air, admire the grid lines of the Bastides mingle with the curves of gorges. A moment out of time where the most beautiful silhouettes of Aveyron take shape!

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First flight in a microlight with Les Choses de l'Air

Book online From 49 €  / adult

AAGAC: ULM flight

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ULM pilot training – Paramotor – Hot air balloon with Les choses de l’air

Book online From 1500 €  / adult

Hot air balloon flight with Things from the Air

Book online From 200 €  / adult

Airlinks Aveyron Paragliding


Things from the Air: Tandem Skydive

Book online From 240 €  / adult
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Embark on an exceptional adventure: discover Aveyron in a hot air balloon

Imagine yourself floating silently above the gorges of the Aveyron or Causse of Villeneuve, carried by the air currents and the soothing breath of the burner of your hot air balloon. An unforgettable adventure awaits, where each flight reveals the discreet wonders and hidden treasures of this magnificent region. Whether you are looking for serenity or gentle adrenaline, a hot air balloon flight is the ideal experience to explore Aveyron from a unique angle!

Want to take flight? We recommend three providers to try the experience.

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