Awaken your senses during a hike in the heart of the Causse. Alone, with family or friends, you will be amazed by this verdant nature as far as the eye can see and its breathtaking panoramas!

On your sneakers, let's go!

Nothing like a short hike in this 1er sunny June. It is announced to be very hot this afternoon so I am leaving this morning to take advantage of the remaining coolness. Sneakers on my feet and cap on my head, I don't forget my bottle of water and especially my cereal bar in my bag (gourmets will understand!).

The start is in the small village of Saujac in the heart of the Lot valley. I sink very quickly into a small wooded path and off we go for the climb! The path is so pleasant, I follow the dry stone walls, typical of caussenard landscape. After a few meters, I can already see, between the leafy trees, a nice view of the Lot river.

The wide open spaces are yours!

On the heights of the valley

I feel like I fully belong to the nature. I listen to the chirping of birds, the sound of leaves in the wind, I watch the butterflies wandering from flower to flower and suddenly I hear a deer fleeing into the depths of the forest. A second prefers to follow me for a few meters then join the first.

I then leave this forest to discover a more arid landscape and find myself facing a magnificent view of the Lot valley. It is a wonderful gift after this beautiful climb. I take advantage of this point of view of Belgian Cross for a refreshing break.

A naturally cut rock serves as a bench facing the Lot valley and its steep cliffs. A majestic bird flies over me. It must be a Peregrine Falcon, the fastest animal in the world! I have already seen one near the steeple of the Notre Dame collegiate church in Villefranche-de-Rouergue.

Along the Caussenard walls

After this very pleasant break, I resume the journey. The worst is behind me! I only have flat until the next point of view. The sun is starting to beat but I quickly reach a shady path. I see fields as far as the eye can see bounded by pretty dry stone walls. I walk through time thanks to small local heritage which dot the route, the lake fountain. I pass through some small hamlets with very pretty stone houses. Three little rabbits escape at the bend of a path.

My legs move forward on their own and my eyes enjoy the landscape. It's so good to get some fresh air on this beautiful day!

Full-scale !

I arrive at the second point of view over the Lot valley, the viewpoint of the Mounine jump. I move slightly away from the path to see the panorama more closely. At the foot of the vertiginous cliff, I contemplate the meander of the river and I see the village of Montbrun. We feel very small in front of the size of the landscape... I observe other species of birds, slightly larger: paragliders !

A picnic table awaits me at the next crossroads. I will be able to enjoy my cereal bar as it should be! Besides, is it in the shade?

After this refreshing break, I take the path that goes down to the village of Saujac… And that's my hike over! I walked 11 km and I feel more alive than ever! No more doubt, tomorrow I'll be back on the trails!


About Adele

Passionate about travel, I like to travel the world in search of wonder and authenticity! The Bastides and Gorges of Aveyron have an incomparable richness, inhabitants proud of their territory who want to share their knowledge. I was welcomed with open arms in a region that I did not know but which makes me want to stay.

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