Discover Sainte-Croix, a charming village between Villefranche de Rouergue and Cajarc. Perfect for a peaceful stopover between the Aveyron gorges and the Lot valley, Sainte-Croix will surprise you with its rich heritage.

What to see in Sainte-Croix en Aveyron?

  • His town
  • Its fortified church
  • Its dungeon tower
  • Surroundings

Stroll through the streets of its town

The history of Holy Cross began over a thousand years ago. The first mention of the city in texts dates from 9th centuryas an ecclesial town dependent on the abbey of Figeac.
Stroll through the streets of this old fortified town, circular, rich in remains!

Enter the fortified church

Open its doors to discover stained glass made by Richard Burgsthal in 1934, renowned stained glass artist, many of whose works are kept at the Fayet museum in Béziers. Altered several times, the building nevertheless retains some Roman remains in the choir.

Climb to the top of the fortified tower

The keep tower was built to protect the inhabitants and guarantee the prosperity of the surrounding areas located between the Causses du Quercy and the green plateaus of Ségala. Ask for the keys and climb the 120 steps to admire a 360° panorama of the surrounding wide open spaces.

How to climb to the top of the Sainte-Croix keep tower?
For visits, contact the town hall secretariat 05 65 81 61 86.

How to visit Sainte-Croix?

  • Explore the village with your plan.
    Paper plan to be found at the town hall or downloadable here.
  • Let yourself be told the history of the village by its inhabitants as you follow the route ears on the go.
    On site, scan the QR code to listen to the inhabitants tell you about the territory.
  • In summer, follow a guided tour led by a guide-lecturer to unlock the secrets of the village's old stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the people of Sainte-Croix called?

The inhabitants of Sainte-Croix are called Saint-Crussois and Saint-Crussoises.

What is the meaning of Holy Cross?

Sainte-Croix is ​​a widely used proper name used for churches, monasteries and municipalities. It is inspired by the Holy Cross, or True Cross, the torture object of Christ.

How tall is the keep tower?

The tower of Sainte-Croix is ​​35 meters high.

Explore the surroundings

Borrow the marked hiking trails departing from the village to explore the surrounding countryside.

A little further, you will be able to see:

The Gardens of Instant Vegetal

Meet local producers

Manager of “Gardens of the plant moment“, Michaël Fayret is a field botanist, herbalist and producer of edible flowers intended for catering. In his company, set off to discover the plants growing along the paths of the causse.

To enjoy good products, also go to the Farm from Soil to Man, from wheat to bread, everything is 100% Aveyron and organic and Cabrol Farm where breeding is done according to the ancestral traditions of breeding Aveyron and Ségala veal and Muscovy ducks. Two farms where passion for the land is lived as a family!

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